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1 Jun 2023 - 12 Zulqaeda 1444 Zuhur 13:04 Asar 16:29
1 Jun 2023 - 12 Zulqaeda 1444 | Subuh 5:34 | Syuruk 6:58 | Zuhur 13:04 | Asar 16:29 | Maghrib 19:09 | Ishak 20:23
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MENDAKI Club Collegiate Symposium

[Event has ended]


This year MENDAKI Club brings to undergraduates Collegiate Symposium, supported by NUS Malay Language Society (PBMUKS). It aims to help prepare undergraduates in facing challenges and opportunities throughout their tertiary years through the theme FAR: Foresight, Action and Rationale. The Symposium brings tertiary students together in the spirit of learning from the sharing of experiences and perspectives by professionals in various fields. By providing a platform to discuss and address current issues of concern, they will be exposed to a variety of insights and useful tips to navigate through their undergraduate life.

A brief overview of what they can expect from the Symposium:

- A panel discussion discussing how Malay/Muslim undergraduates can maximise their time and potential during their collegiate years.

Speakers include:-
+ BG Ishak Ismail, Commander, 6th Singapore Division, SAF
+ Dr Bibi Jan Ayyub, Past President, Singapore Malay Teachers' Union
+ Dr Gabriele Marranci, Associate Professor, Department of Sociology, NUS

- An opportunity to choose from three parallel break-out sessions that serve to provide undergraduates with the practical advice, skills and strategies, to enable them to develop mastery in either Foresight, Action or Rationale.

- A networking tea which offers a platform to connect with other fellow undergraduates and professionals.

Through the Symposium, we hope that they will be able to chart their own path towards developing themselves into tomorrow's young professionals, who excel in their respective fields while actively contributing to the wider community.


For more information, contact:

Ilie Nia Dianniaty Sapari @ 6245 5749 / [email protected]
Najihah Mohd Idris @ 6245 5854 / [email protected]

Reserve a seat now at


Shaw Foundation Alumni House, National University of Singapore

11 Kent Ridge Drive, Singapore 119244


Mendaki Club

MENDAKI Club, or MClub, is a community of Malay/Muslim young professionals and students who are enga...


Dr Bibi Jan, BG Ishak Ismail
Associate Professor Gabriele Marranci

Gabriele Marranci is an anthropologist by training, working on religion with a specialisation in Mus...


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