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22 Jun 2018 - 8 Syawal 1439 Asar 16:34 Maghrib 19:13
22 Jun 2018 - 8 Syawal 1439 | Subuh 5:37 | Syuruk 7:02 | Zuhur 13:08 | Asar 16:34 | Maghrib 19:13 | Ishak 20:28
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Mendaki Club

MENDAKI Club, or MClub, is a community of Malay/Muslim young professionals and students who are engaged in affairs concerning the community, Singapore and the world. We engage in strategic youth development initiatives and participate actively in discussions on current developments in the local and global arena. We also strive to build bridges within the Malay/Muslim community, and between our community and other communities, to promote mutual understanding and cooperation.

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Wisma Mendaki

51 Kee Sun Avenue, Singapore 457056

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