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(Day of 'Ashura) 20 Sep 2018 - 10 Muharram 1440 Ishak 20:10 Subuh 5:38
(Day of 'Ashura) 20 Sep 2018 - 10 Muharram 1440 | Subuh 5:38 | Syuruk 6:55 | Zuhur 12:59 | Asar 16:00 | Maghrib 19:02 | Ishak 20:10
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Dr Cihat Gundogdu

Dr Cihat Gundogdu is a family physician with deep interest in 'Creation Science'. As a lecturer, he has given numerous lectures worldwide mainly based on the scientific evidence debunking Darwinism. He has written many articles published on several journals dealing with the scientific facts of Creation and attended several TV programmes as well. He believes it should be the mission of scientists to tell people that what is observed in the scientific field is the evidence of 'Creation'. He also founded and leads the 'Nature and Human Health Association' (Doga ve Insan Sagligi Dernegi), aiming to reach public to inform them about the fossils and the other scientific evidence which prove Creation as an observable fact.

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