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9 Dec 2023 - 25 JamadulAwal 1445 Subuh 5:33 Syuruk 6:56
9 Dec 2023 - 25 JamadulAwal 1445 | Subuh 5:33 | Syuruk 6:56 | Zuhur 12:59 | Asar 16:23 | Maghrib 18:59 | Ishak 20:14
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Ustaz Muhammad Nuzaihan Bin Hamdan

Ustaz Muhammad Nuzaihan Bin Hamdan joined CIMB in 2007 under The Complete Banker’s (TCB) Programme as an Associate. Prior to joining CIMB, he was an Executive Assistant, Finance/Education Da’wah Division at The Muslim Converts’ Association of Singapore. He is an accredited Asatizah certified by the Islamic Religious Council of Singapore (MUIS) and the Asatizah Recognition Board and teaches Fiqh Mu’amalaat at Singapore Islamic Scholars & Religious Teachers Association (PERGAS) and is also a Consultant Asatizah, Shariah Advisory Services for PERGAS Investment Holdings.

Under Shariah and Governance, he has the opportunity to work together with Shariah scholars like Sheikh Nedzam Yaqoobi, Sheikh Yousef Al-Shubaily and Sheikh Professor Mohammad Hashim Kamali, prominent Shariah Advisors who sit in CIMB Islamic Shariah Committee. As Head, Shariah Singapore, he is responsible in providing Shariah advisory for all type of Islamic products both to CIMB Group of companies (and overseas branches including London, Brunei and Hong Kong) and external parties in the Islamic debt capital market, asset and fund management, investment and corporate banking, retail and business banking, treasury & structured products, Takaful, private equity and etc.

His involvement in notable deals in Singapore include Sukuk issuances by the Islamic Religious Council of Singapore (MUIS), Sabana REIT, City Developments Limited and growing CIMB Bank Berhad’s Islamic financing and deposit to reach SGD2.0 billion which clients include Government-Link Entities, Malay Muslim Organizations and Mosques.

He provides training on Shariah and Islamic Banking and Finance to TCB and CIMB Group staffs (such as Accelerated Universal Banker) and was actively involved in preparing the Shariah e-learning courseware for CIMB Group. Previously, he contributed in providing training to the Financial Sector Talent Enrichment Programme (FSTEP) initiated by Bank Negara Malaysia. Currently, he is actively working on community outreach in Singapore with awareness talks on Shariah and Islamic Banking and Finance with the likes of PERGAS, Al-Falah Mosque and etc.

He holds a Master of Arts (with Distinction) in Islamic Banking, Finance and Management from Loughborough University, United Kingdom and a Bachelor Degree (with Distinction) in Sharia (Islamic Studies and Jurisprudence) from Kuwait University, Kuwait.

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