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4 Oct 2023 - 18 RabiulAwwal 1445 Asar 16:04 Maghrib 18:57
4 Oct 2023 - 18 RabiulAwwal 1445 | Subuh 5:34 | Syuruk 6:51 | Zuhur 12:55 | Asar 16:04 | Maghrib 18:57 | Ishak 20:06
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Persatuan Pemudi Islam Singapura (PPIS)

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PPIS, a voluntary welfare organization with Approved Institutions of a Public Character (IPC) status, runs 14 centres islandwide, which include six childcare centres, two student care centres, two family service centres, the As-Salaam Family Support Centre for single mothers, Vista Sakinah, a centre for strengthening, rebuilding and fostering resilience and tranquility in families and Inspirasi PPIS for young couples. Our beneficiaries are from the less privileged families in society and we are appealing for your support to fulfill their dreams and help them move out of the poverty cycle through education for the children and skills upgrading and support for single mothers.

Based on the values of SACRED (Sincere, pro-Active, Compassionate, Reliable, Effective and Dakwah
– enjoining others to good), PPIS is committed in its efforts to catalyse positive changes in the lives of disadvantaged women and their dependents to build sustainable families that are socially and economically independent.

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