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SYMPOSIUM WANITA 2015: Celebrating the Diverse Identities of Singapore Muslim Women

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Sat, 3 October 2015, 9 am – 1.30 pm | English
Lifelong Learning Institute
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Fees: $35 per pax

Symposium Wanita by PPIS is a gathering of Muslim women in Singapore to discover, discourse and have conversations about what it means to be a Muslim woman in the context of modern Singapore society.

For 2015, Symposium Wanita takes the platform to acknowledge and validate the multiple roles and identities of Muslim women in Singapore, celebrating their diversity, journey and resilience.

The Symposium is divided into two parts:

1) Embracing our Identities

Women play a multitude of roles in society – as a daughter, a mother, a wife. Yet some roles are often left on the fringes of society, at times unacknowledged, yet equally important in the fabric of a diverse society. This segment explores women who excel in their lives whilst playing these roles in their personal sphere. It delves into how they negotiate, influence and effect the systems and environment around them to craft niches for themselves. Embracing our identities invites women to return back to the core of our being, to rediscover our selves, the core of our strengths that define who we are despite the labels that society may associate with us. It extols the true celebration of being ME as a Muslim woman foremost before the assignments of any roles to us.

Three women will share their personal journeys in the celebration, discovery and embracing of their selves:

i) Saleemah Ismail, UN, Unifem – Me and My Baju Kurung
ii) Zaza Majid, Radio Personality, Mediacorp – Rising above : A Single Parent's journey
iii) Oniatta Effendi, Lecturer & Drama Educator, Singapore Polytechnic – Stepping Beyond : negotiating through the Stepmom's identity

2) Establishing our Presence: Society, Family & Career

- Juggling family and career has been a constant struggle for women. Often times surrounded and indeed, bounded by traditional and cultural ideas and expectations or notions of what being a ‘wife' or ‘mother' should entail, many Muslim women still find it difficult to negotiate or manage the balance of these dual identities of the family and career selves. Is finding a fit solely the responsibility of the Malay Muslim women? What does it take to establish our presence as a Malay Muslim Women in the context of living in Singapore? This segment explores women who have negotiated successfully in both their familial and career fronts to offer discourses on what it takes for Muslim women in Singapore to establish their presences in these domains mutually.

i) Faiza Sanip, Manager, Perdaus – Striking a Balance
ii) Dr Elly Sabrina Bte Ismail, Director & Physician, Banyan Clinic – The Confident Muslim Woman.
iii) Haslinda Ali, ScreenBox Director & FitFab Founder – Enterprising ventures


SYMPOSIUM WANITA 2015: Celebrating the Diverse Identities of Singapore Muslim Women

Date: 3rd October 2015

Time: 9 am – 1.30 pm

Venue: Lifelong Learning Institute, Paya Lebar, Singapore

Fee: $35 per pax

Terms and Conditions:

1) Full Payment / Deposit are to be made before symposium starts.
2) No refunds for participants backing out of symposium.
3) Participants are to attend the symposium punctually and inform organisers
5) Islamicevents is assigned to collect the registration fees on behalf of PPIS.

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Lifelong Learning Institute

11 Eunos Road 8 S408601


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