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14 Apr 2024 - 5 Syawal 1445 Maghrib 19:10 Ishak 20:19
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Darul Arqam (Muslim Converts Association)

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The Muslim Converts’ Association of Singapore actively serves to bridge everyone – regardless of language, race or belief – towards the better understanding of Islam. Advocating no compulsion in religion, this non-profit organisation is dedicated to deliver educational opportunities with lectures, courses, and other activities that depict Islam in discussion, behaviour and spirit. Its friendly programmes and harmonious events involve social gatherings in celebration of Islamic events, dissemination of books and magazines to build Islamic awareness, and assistance for the community through counselling, financial aids, and other welfare services. Also affectionately known as Darul Arqam Singapore, it has flourished since 1980, with the confidence and continued support of its members, volunteers and donors.

Its mission is to provide religious guidance and to render assistance to members as may be necessary; to organise religious, literary, and/or recreational activities, and to publish Islamic articles and/or literature; to participate and provide welfare services for the community where necessary; and to represent the interests of all Muslim converts residing in Singapore.

Since August 2005, Darul Arqam Singapore has been appointed as the One-Stop Centre for Converts (OSCC) by the Islamic Religious Council of Singapore (MUIS). It continues to facilitate the issuance of Conversion Card and reimbursements of transport claims, circumcision fees, and the fees incurred by Converts when they insert their Muslim names in their identity card.

The Muslim Converts’ Association of Singapore is registered with the Registry of Society under the Societies Act (UEN: S80SS0037D).


Darul Arqam (The Galaxy)

32 Onan Road, Singapore 424484

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