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Mosque Tech Challenge 2018

[Event has ended]
Sat, 2 June 2018, to 03 June | Registration at 1:30pm | English


Fees: Free (Open to all ages, read below for more details).

Innamal a'malu binniyat - “Actions are dependent upon their Intentions”

Ideas form from all places, why not we nurture ideas from the the most pure and sacred place of our community, that is the Mosque.

Mosque Tech Challenge started off as a 24hr+ Hackathon Competition that aims to provide a platform to seek, implement and share the best and coolest ideas with technology towards the benefit of the community. 

This year, in its fourth year running, we plan on tackling the global concern of climate change and explore how technology can improve the environment around us. The hackathon, themed, “Climate Change” aims to build communities and bring people all over closer together. Whether it's in the format of a Mobile App, a Web App or a Hardware implementation - or a combination - we want to see how you innovate. It could be anywhere as big as a solar panel solution to as small as a redesign of a recycling bin, but we want it to be cool (: 

The uniqueness of this year's challenge is the avenue for all ages to participate. Wait for it!
There will be not one, not two, but three ongoing challenges that would be concurrently carried out, in the form of

1. A Makerthon. A workshop styled event, carried out by Young Muslim Scientist, will be an avenue for kids aged 7 to 12 years old.

2. An Ideathon. A guided competition styled event, carried out by Ground-Up Initiative Labs for Development (GUILD) for the benefit of young adults aged 12 to 16 years old to tinker around.

3. Aaaand a Hackathon! A 24hr+ competition for anyone aged 16 and above. Form a team of max 4 people, and compete!

On top of it, we will be planning workshops leading up to the hackathon to introduce participants to some tools, and hence in the process of thinking about ideas, build our capacity for the skills and knowledge required - for the future. These workshops will be open to those who are not taking part too and will be free. Don't miss it!



Location of pre-workshops updated!

19 May, 10am – 3pm
1. Build your first website from scratch by Tengku Hafidz [Beginner]
Register here >>>
Workshop Synopsis
Join us for a workshop on building a website aimed at beginners. This workshop provides an introduction to basic front-end web development. You will be introduced to the main building blocks of the web — HTML, CSS and JS — and will be guided to apply these to build your own simple site from scratch.
Trainer Profile
Tengku Hafidz is currently an undergraduate pursuing a degree in NUS School of Computing. Passionate in spreading the skill of coding to others, he and his friends initiated Echoedlabs - a programme that empowers the community with just that.

20 May, 9am – 1pm
2. Get going with React applications by Saiful Shahril. [Intermediate]
Register here >>>
Workshop Synopsis
There are many appeals for one to use React to build a web application, and true to this, it is now one of the most used tools for creating modern web applications. In this workshop, you will get a hands-on in getting started with building a React application, along with valuable tips on how to get going with it quickly.
Trainer Profile
Saiful Shahril is a Senior Systems Analyst with PUB - but that's just the day job. In real life he's a full-stack web developer. Graduated from NTU Computer Engineering in 2010, he has a Specialist Diploma in Mobile Apps Development from Singapore Poly and is currently doing a Masters in Software Engineering at NUS.

20 May, 2pm – 6pm
3. How to build mobile applications with React Native by Faruq Rasid [Advance]
Register here >>>
Workshop Synopsis
React Native is currently trending as a cost-effective technology to build cross-platform iOS and Android apps. It is built on top of React which is one of the most hottest library used for web development.
How easy is it to actually get an app running with React Native? Can you use React Native to build any kind of app? Get a taste of building a simple app and understanding the core principles behind React Native in this workshop.
Trainer Profile
Faruq is the Chief Product Officer at Skolafund Sdn Bhd. On the side, he is the owner of a few published apps in Google Play Store and Apple App Store, with his latest release being PrayerTime Pro. He also dabbles with Arduino, Quadcopters, and new technologies on his free time.

26 May, 10am – 2pm
4. How to set up a Backend API with Django Rest Framework by Mohamed [Intermediate]
Register here >>>
Workshop Synopsis
Django REST framework is a powerful and flexible toolkit for building Web APIs. By the end of the workshop, participants would have experienced building their own REST API with endpoints that can be consumed by frontend clients of various forms.
Trainer Profile
Mohamed is a coding enthusiast who graduated from SMU Information Systems in 2017. He develops full-time for 2 startups he recently co-founded - a cross-border logistics company and a platform for Quranic Tutors to connect with students called

26 May, 2pm – 6pm
5. Connecting micro:bit with your iPhone app through Bluetooth [Advance]
Register here >>>
Workshop Synopsis
Want to get into the Internet of Things but have NO idea how to make the app communicate with the hardware???
Fret not. This workshop will make sure you go home having your own app communicating to your own micro:bit.
We will introduce micro:bit programming through their online JavaScript Blocks Editor. Followed up by going deeper into Apple Developer Core Bluetooth framework. If you feel using blocks is too n00b and you are feeling a little 1337, feel free to code it with JavaScript.(;



2nd June 2018 | 17 Ramadhan 1439

Registration at 1.30pm 
| 2PM to 4PM
[For kids aged 7-12 years old]
Workshop styled Event.
@ Muhajirin Mosque, Singapore 579704



3rd June 2018 | 18 Ramadhan 1439

Registration at 8.30am 
| 9AM to 5PM
[For teenagers aged 12-16 years old]
Guided Competition styled Event.
@ Muhajirin Mosque, Singapore 579704



This hackathon will be special as it will be held during Ramadhan in a Mosque and participants will be able to take part in the mass iftar and special night prayers for the muslims. Experience how it is like to spend the night at a Mosque during this blessed month.

We are looking for participants 16 years old and above in groups of maximum 4.

Non-Muslims are welcome to take part. 

Do register early as spaces are limited (We're limiting to maximum 10 teams due to space constraints). 




Judging will be done by our panel of judges from the industry and the Mosque committee. You'll be given a couple of minutes to present what you build at the end of the 24hr+. The presentation should be straight to the point. Problem, Solution, Implementation. - no need for fancy powerpoints. Try your best to have a workable solution :)

You will be assessed on 3 Criteria:

Impactful/Relevance (50%)

- Addresses the challenge

- Feasibility

Technical (30%)

- Complexity
- Completeness

- How much of the solution has been built in the 24 Hours.

- Design and User Experience

Innovation (20%)

- Is it interesting

- Has the idea been implemented before?

- Is it solving the problem in a different way?


02 June 

1.30pm - Registration

2.00pm - Welcome & Briefing

2.30pm - Start of Hackathon

- Iftar

- Terawih

- Sahur

03 June 

4.00pm - End of Hackathon / Start of Judging

5.00pm - Announcement of Results and Prize Presentation / Closing remarks

This event is jointly organized by IslamicEvents.SG, Mendaki Club and Muhajirin Mosque.

2nd to 3rd June 2018 | 17-18 Ramadhan 1439

Registration at 1.30pm 

@ Muhajirin Mosque, Singapore 579704


Contact [email protected] or call 91798353 for any enquiries.


Muhajirin Mosque

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