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8 Jul 2020 - 16 Zulqaeda 1441 Syuruk 7:05 Zuhur 13:12
8 Jul 2020 - 16 Zulqaeda 1441 | Subuh 5:41 | Syuruk 7:05 | Zuhur 13:12 | Asar 16:36 | Maghrib 19:16 | Ishak 20:31
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Knowing Islam Session (KIS)

[Event has ended]
Fri, 30 September 2016, 10am - 12.30am | Malay
Muslim Converts Association of Singapore
Bro Mohamed Amir Ali Bin Idris Ali

Walk-in, no registration required!

Every newcomer to Muslim Converts' Association of Singapore (MCAS) is encouraged to attend this course. It offers an introduction to Islam and serves as the basis to other courses at MCAS.

Topics include:

⌛ Belief in the oneness of the Almighty God (Tawhid)

⌛ Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and the earlier Prophets (AS)

⌛ Completeness of God's guidance

⌛ Explanation on common Islamic terms

⌛ Becoming a Muslim

⌛ Overview of Darul Arqam and its services

For more information, please visit for more information or check out other courses, fitted for non-Muslims, converts as well as Muslims !


Day : Every Saturday & Sunday, except Public Holidays
Time : 10am to 12.30pm
Venue : Muslim Convert Association Singapore
Address : 32 Onan Rd, The Galaxy, S(424484)



MCAS, 32 Onan Road, The Galaxy, Singapore 424484


Muslim Converts Association of Singapore


Bro Mohamed Amir Ali Bin Idris Ali


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