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Art Of Jawi Workshop

[Event has ended]
Sat, 14 November 2015, 10am-2pm | English
Singapore Institute of Management
SIM Malay Cultural Muslim Society

jawi, calligraphy, penning, art, khat, crafts, kufic, arab, friendship, fun, personalize

Fees: $20

The aim of this workshop is to revive back the love for Jawi by presenting Jawi in a more artistic and contemporary form and making participants view Jawi from a different perspective. In this workshop, you will get to learn how to do very basic but simple things like writing your name in Jawi and also signing off your name in Jawi. In addition, aspects of Jawi Calligraffiti and Jawi decals will also be shared during the workshop. This workshop also represents a baby step by SIMCMS's to revive Jawi among the Malays and also raise awareness about it among the non Malays.

1st Session: Theory, transliteration and history.
2nd Session: Demonstration of various types of penning tools and colour play.


Venue: SIM HQ, Blk A Room A.2.14
Date: 14th and 21st November 2015
Time: 11am-3pm (registration begins at 10.30am)
Fee: Both Session at $20

Participants who are interested can email to [email protected] with their Full Name, SIM ID and Handphone number. Should there be any enquiries, you may leave a direct message to our FB Page or you may contact us at 92228154.
You can also visit Haz Workz facebook page to see some of Brother Hazrin's works and his attempt to revive Jawi in Singapore.


Singapore Institute of Management

461 Clementi Rd, Singapore 599491


SIM Malay Cultural Muslim Society


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