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5 Dec 2023 - 21 JamadulAwal 1445 Maghrib 18:58 Ishak 20:12
5 Dec 2023 - 21 JamadulAwal 1445 | Subuh 5:31 | Syuruk 6:55 | Zuhur 12:57 | Asar 16:21 | Maghrib 18:58 | Ishak 20:12
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SMUMS Salam (Islamic Awareness) Week - Hope After Hardship

[Event has ended]
Fri, 24 October 2014, 05:30pm-09:30pm | English
Singapore Management University


Fees: Free Admission

Hope after Hardhship will focus on the Hijrah - Prophet Muhammad's migration from Mecca to Medina. After the early believers endured 13 years of persecution in Mecca, they are given hope of a way out. We will learn about their struggles, and the epic journey itself, especially the Prophet's final year in Mecca. Hear amazing, life-changing
stories of faith, sacrifice and love by our charismatic speaker from the UK, Shaykh Ahmad Saad Al-Azhari.

Highlights: Recitation of the end & the beginning of the Islamic year dua will be done before and after Maghrib prayers.


Registration starts at 5:30pm onwards. Refreshments and prayer rooms are provided.
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Mokhtar Riady Auditorium, Singapore Management University, Admin Building Level 5, 81 Victoria Street, Singapore 188065


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