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Yok! Camping

[Event has ended]
Sat, 15 December 2012, 8 am | Malay
Pulau Ubin Nature Reserve
MUHDZUHAILI Services, Islamic Designworks, Yok Selawat


No plans during the December holidays? Why not sign up with your friends to this Adventure camp instilled with Islamic values held at Pulau Ubin. Recharge your physical, mental & spiritual strength during the holidays.

There will be fun-filled and exciting activities lined up for you. There'll be night walking, cycling around Pulau Ubin, campfire, Amazing Race, team bonding games and more. There will also be solat practical in the jungle. We'll guarantee that the activities will be fun, exciting and thrilled! So why wait? Come and register now with your friend!! Called our hotline now for registration and enquiries! :D :D

The common question:

Ni kem untuk lelaki jer?
Ans: No, for both....boys and gals...

Ni kem untuk yang bertudung ker?
Ans: No, yang tak ..pun boleh join..yok leerr....

Ni kem - islamic kem ker ?
Ans: Its the normal and fun kem - but fundamentals islam mestilah in place....tak kenal maka tak cinta....

Ni kem , apa yang bole learn?
Ans: Banyaak....pasal tu the theme is 'Who you are? Where we come from?...back to basic.....Yok leeer...

Yok! Yok! Kita ke camping!! :D :D


For registration or enquiries, do call this hotline: 9124 6403/ 9485 2501

Visit the 'Yok Selawat' FB page for more details:


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