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2 Mar 2024 - 21 Syaaban 1445 Syuruk 7:14 Zuhur 13:18
2 Mar 2024 - 21 Syaaban 1445 | Subuh 5:57 | Syuruk 7:14 | Zuhur 13:18 | Asar 16:30 | Maghrib 19:20 | Ishak 20:29
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Between Integration, Assimilation, and Affirmation: Muslims as minorities. A comparative reflection from Europe to Singapore

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Tue, 8 February 2011, 7pm to 10pm | English
National University of Singapore

talk, muslim communities

Fees: Free entrance

Discussing the reality of Muslim communities as minorities starting from an epistemological deconstruction of the complexity behind concepts such as minority, integration, and identity. The discussion then moves to focus upon the differences existing between models of integration/assimilation in some European countries and the specific approach in Singapore. In doing so, the paper suggests that the reality of integration is a complex dynamic and based on systems instead of a social monolithic abstract entity by which one community may simply measured on an integration/assimilation scale through symbolic determinism.


Venue : NUS Kent Ridge Campus,Lecture Theater LT 28 (Faculty of Science)
Light Refreshments will be provided

Speaker Profile

Associate Professor Marranci is a trained anthropologist, studying on
youth, religion and cosmopolitan societies, with a specialisation in
Muslim communities, both in the West and Southeast Asia.

Since 2008, he has conducted research about Malay youth and in 2009,
MUIS invited him to conduct an evaluative research on their education
program Teen aL.I.V.E. This has provided him with further occasion to
know and understand Malay youth in Singapore.

His main research interests concern youth identity and issues,
religion, extremism and political Islam. Associate Professor Gabriele
Marranci has widely published on these topics in peer reviewed
journals and in book chapters. He is the author of four monographs,
among which, "The Anthropology of Islam" (2008, Berg), and recently
"Faith, Ideology and Fear: Muslim Identities Within and Beyond
Prisons" (2009, London: Continuum Books).

He is also the founding editor of the first international
anthropological journal on Muslim societies,"Contemporary Islam:
Dynamics of Muslim Life" and has stablished, with Prof. Bryan Turner,
the book series "Muslims in Global Societies".


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Associate Professor Gabriele Marranci

Gabriele Marranci is an anthropologist by training, working on religion with a specialisation in Mus...


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