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4 Jun 2023 - 15 Zulqaeda 1444 Maghrib 19:09 Ishak 20:24
4 Jun 2023 - 15 Zulqaeda 1444 | Subuh 5:34 | Syuruk 6:58 | Zuhur 13:05 | Asar 16:29 | Maghrib 19:09 | Ishak 20:24
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Ismail Gafoor

LTC (NS) Mohamed Ismail is the CEO of Singapore’s largest real estate company, PropNex Pte Ltd.

A firm believer of training and lifelong learning, he has won many awards, including: SMCCI Entrepreneur of the Year (2004); Spirit of Enterprise Award (2004); ASME Entrepreneur of the Year for eCommerce (2008); and SICCI Overall Entrepreneur of the Year (2008).

He holds a Bachelor in Land Economics (Hons) from the University of Technology Sydney. He owned his first property at 22 and made his first million at 28. He is an investor, entrepreneur and a success coach to many Million-Dollar Club Producers in the Real Estate arena. Ismail is a strong believer of “Make Money For You”.


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