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19 Apr 2024 - 10 Syawal 1445 Asar 16:21 Maghrib 19:09
19 Apr 2024 - 10 Syawal 1445 | Subuh 5:41 | Syuruk 7:00 | Zuhur 13:05 | Asar 16:21 | Maghrib 19:09 | Ishak 20:19
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Ustaz Abdul Rahman Mohamed Sahid

Ustaz Abdul Rahman Md Sahid, is the founder and principal consultant of Guidance Excel. He is a graduate of National University of Malaysia and Singapore's Madrasah Aljunied. Many have benefited from his interactive and comprehensive style and charisma. He holds a Master of Social Sciences (Psychology Counselling) and a Postgraduate Diploma in Psychology (Counselling) from the National University of Malaysia.

An accomplished teacher who has taught at several Mosques, Darul Arqam, Pertapis and private learning centres on the subjects of fiqh, tauhid and akhlaq, with an emphasis on Islamic values and spiritual development. He trained youths, parents and teachers in areas like Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Motivation, Communication Skills and Behavioural Change, among other areas. He mainly focused on two subjects; Psychology and Islamic Knowledge. The subjects are integrated and are taught in an interactive manner. He has worked with schools and non-profit organizations in Singapore and Malaysia. He is also the developer of several major personal success programs, including Young Muslims Psychologist. Ustaz Abdul Rahman also contribute articles to Berita Harian on Pedoman Hidup. Recently, Berita Harian did an half page story on his accomplishments.

Ustaz Abdul Rahman was a president of Singapore Students Society, National University of Malaysia. He is also an executive committee of the Islamic Tertiary Students Association of Singapore (IMPIAN), and a member of the Singapore Islamic Scholars & Religious Teachers Association (PERGAS) and Muslim Convert’s Association of Singapore (Darul Arqam). As a professional qualification, Ustaz Abdul Rahman is Singapore certified Islamic religious teacher by The Asatizah Recognition Board (was formed by MUIS).

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