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19 Feb 2019 - 14 JamadulAkhir 1440 Subuh 5:58 Syuruk 7:17
19 Feb 2019 - 14 JamadulAkhir 1440 | Subuh 5:58 | Syuruk 7:17 | Zuhur 13:20 | Asar 16:37 | Maghrib 19:21 | Ishak 20:31
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Home based Quran

Quran Reading @ Home

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Package Details

Are you looking for a Quran Teacher to
educate you and your family on reading
and reciting the Quran at Home?

In collaboration with and Meqar,
we hope we can help you match a suitable
Quran Teacher for you and your family.

Who is Meqar?

MEQAR is a department under Mujahidin Mosque which focuses on Quran Education and training of Quran Teachers on the Qiraati methodology. They have trained more than 500 Quran teachers using the Qiraati methodology. In this collaboration, Meqar will advise on suitable Quran Teachers that are ready to be matched.

Who is have been in existence since 2007 and has since been promoting Islamic Activities and Programs in Singapore. They have had listed more than 5,000 programs and have established themselves as a service provider for various Islamic programs in Singapore.

In this collaboration, will be handling the registrations and match make the students with the suitable Quran Teachers. They will also be managing complains and feedbacks.

Qiraati is one of Quran Reading Methodology that is widely used in Southeast Asia.

You may be familiar with the term IQRA or Muqaddam. These are Quran Reading methodology which have been developed and used by the community. In this program, we will be using the Qiraati methodology.

Qiraati methodology was founded by the late Ustaz KH Dachlan Salim Zarkasyi in 1963, in Semarang, Indonesia, the Qiraati method of reciting the Quran has gained wide recognition. The method proven to be systematic and user-friendly, caters to the different age group. In 1970 Ustaz Dachlan compiled his Qiraati method into 10 volumes and had them printed. The material were further enhanced and compiled into several volumes catering to learners as young as 3 to adults. Only students who have demonstrated their ability will be promoted to the next level. This has contributed to the effectiveness and high standard of the Qiraati system.

Is the Qiraati method like the Muqaddam or IQRA?

No. Its not. Qiraati methodology prepares one to read the Quran with tajweed. It is also more to stricter than IQRA to ensure the quality of reading is preserved from teacher to student.

Is Tajweed included in the Qiraati system?

Yes. It is.

How do we match you with the Quran Teacher?

- Location: We recognise that location plays an important role. We would not want to match a family and a teacher who lives on the other end of Singapore. We will match best by locating the Quran Teacher that is closest to you.

- Experience: Teaching children and teaching adults can be very different. Some of our Quran Teachers are well trained in handling children than adults and they prefer to teach children. Vice versa, you would want a Quran Teacher to be able to handle kids or children.

- Knowledge: You may prefer to have a more knowledgable Quran Teacher as you may only want to improve on Tajweed or embarking on Sanads. Some Quran Teachers can teach until a certain level. If you advance further, you may need to have another teacher to teach advance reading methodology.

What are the course fees?

Package A

1 person – $130 per month – 1 hour per week

Package B

2 person – $160 per month – 1.5 hours per week

Package C

3 person – $180 per month – 1.5 hours per week

Package D

4 person – $200 per month – 2 hours per week

Package E

5 person – $220 per month – 2 hours per week

* This package is irregardless for child or adult. 4 sessions. Once a week.


Before we match you and your family to a Quran Teacher,
please read our terms and conditions!

Terms & Conditions

- Registration & 1st Payment will have to be made to before we begin the match. Subsequent payments will be made to the Quran Teacher directly. Payments can be made via Debit/Credit/Bank Transfer or Walk ins to ISGN office at 71 Ubi Road 1 #10-47 Oxley Bizhub Singapore 408732.

- 14 - 60 days. Due to high demand for Home Based Quran Learning, you will need to give our administrators time to match you and your family with the suitable Quran Teacher. Full Refund if we are not able to match any teachers with you.

- 5 weeks: You will be given 5 weeks to complete the first 4 sessions with the Quran Teacher. If you are not able to complete the session for whatever excuse or reason, you will not be refunded. If the cause is by the Quran Teacher, a replacement Quran teacher will be assigned to complete the 4 sessions.
If you do not find the Quran teacher suitable, you may request to change the teacher after the first 4 sessions. It may take another 14 to 60 days to match you to another Quran teacher. Do take note.

Quran @ Home ethics

In order for the class to be blessed and gain the most barakah, we are to observe this house rules.

- Provide a suitable area for learning. We discourage you to have it in the bedroom. As there are cases students fall asleep during the lessons.

- Wear proper attire. Ladies to cover with headscarves and not wear tight clothes. Men to cover their aurat and not wear singlets.

- Do not provide food for the Teacher. If you wish to provide water, please do so.

- Television should be turn off during the class and toys should be put away (for kids).

- Prepare the study area before the Quran teacher arrives so that we can start on time.

How to register?

- Payment by Debit / Credit / Paypal. Please visit the following link and make registration and payment.
- Payment by Bank Transfer / ATM Transfer. Please register online and you will receive our account no to transfer to.
- Payment by Cash or Nets. Please walk in to office @ 71 Ubi Road 1 #10-47 Singapore 408732. Nearest MRT is Tai Seng. Please call 9231 7430 to make an appointment.

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