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30 May 2024 - 21 Zulqaeda 1445 Ishak 20:23 Subuh 5:34
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The Young Muslims Explorer program

[Event has ended]
Thu, 30 November 2023, 9.00am - 4.30pm | English
One Punggol Community Centre (Drop-off and Pick-up point)
Ustazah Aisyah Yusoff

Fees: $300 for 1 pax | $576 for 2 pax

Enroll your kids, aged 6-12, in "The Young Muslims Explorer," a three-day program presented by YouM and Islamic Events. This program is meticulously crafted to provide an immersive and enriching experience for your children during the upcoming school holiday break.


Each day is filled with unique themes and engaging activities aimed at deepening their connection to the Islamic faith while having a fantastic time. From unravelling the mysteries of mosques to embarking on adventures in nature that promote mindfulness and environmental well-being, and even delving into lessons of compassion and wildlife etiquette, this program will allow your children to acquire knowledge and values that extend well beyond the confines of the classroom.


Don't miss out on this opportunity; register today and let your young ones set off on a voyage of discovery and personal growth as they embrace the role of Young Caliphs.


Embark on an adventure with us!

$300 for 1 pax | $576 for 2 pax
Limited seats available! Secure your child's reservation in advance to prevent any potential disappointment.   

Daily Sign-up now available at $125/- per day! 

3-Day program: 

    28 - 30 Nov 2023

    9.00am - 4.30pm

    • Lunch, tea-breaks & transportation provided
    • Goodie bag includes activity booklet
    • Early drop-off (8.00am) and late pick-up (5.30pm) available

      Drop-off and Pick up at One Punggol Community Centre: 

      MENDAKI @ Punggol

      1 Punggol Drive, One Punggol


      Singapore 828629

        For enquiries, contact 90025749 or email [email protected] 

        Program Outline

        DAY 1 (Tuesday, 28 Nov):
        Join 'Quest of Secrets - The Mosque Challenge,' where your child will embark on a fascinating journey to uncover the cultural and spiritual significance of these unique mosques. Through engaging in the mosque visits, they will deepen their understanding while feeling at ease within these sacred spaces. Guided by an activity booklet and mosque officials, they'll enjoy an exciting quest to unveil hidden gems, fostering a lasting connection to these mosques. It's a unique blend of fun and learning that promises an enriching experience.

        DAY 2 (Wednesday, 29 Nov):

        Join the 'Waves of Wonders - Exploring Nature's Classroom' - to offer your children an immersive experience in the beauty of Allah's creation while instilling mindfulness and environmental consciousness. Through exciting activities like the Eco-Scavenger Hunt, kids will discover and appreciate nature's treasures, all while learning vital values like teamwork and caring for friends. Additionally, they can express their creativity by crafting nature-inspired art. The chance to win prizes adds extra fun and adventure to their day, making it a valuable experience for all.

        DAY 3 (Thursday,30 Nov):

        Join the 'Rescue Patrol - Saving Animals in the Wild' for your children to embark on a unique journey at the Wildlife Sanctuary to explore the harmonious coexistence with Singapore's diverse wildlife. Through engaging activities on Wildlife Etiquette and fostering empathy, this initiative, in collaboration with Acres, aligns lessons of animal welfare with Islamic teachings of mindfulness and compassion toward all living beings. Additionally, your child may even have the opportunity to feed some animals! This experience will not only deepen their connection with nature but also nurture profound respect for and appreciation of all of Allah's creations.



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