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Calculating Zakat Workshop (Mar 2023)

[Event has ended]
Sat, 11 March 2023, 9:00am - 1:00pm | English
1 Tannery Rd, IslamicEvents

Calculating, Zakat, Workshop, Ramadhan

Fees: $50 per pax | $90 for 2 pax

Every Ramadhan, the most common topic and a topic that always made us feel uncertain about it - Zakat.

Muslims know the benefit of paying Zakat and the importance to pay when it's due but, there are always the same questions asked every year.

       - Does my child's account need to pay zakat?

      - Does my property, which is not used for Business Purposes, need to pay Zakat?

      - How about my car, stamp, and coin collection of value, do I need to pay zakat for that?

      - How do I calculate it if I have many bank accounts and investment accounts?

      - & many more......

      Before Ramadhan kicks in this year, let us revisit our understanding of Zakat matters and build our confidence by recap-ing the calculations!

      1st Session: Calculating Zakat for Individuals
      Ustaz Haron Masagoes Hassan

      Ustaz Haron Masagoes Hassan presently is the deputy head and internal shariah advisor for the Islamic Wealth Advisory (FAiWA) division within Financial Alliance Pte Ltd. In his role, he works closely with FAIWA's external shariah advisor, Prof Dr. Akram Laldin of ISRA, Malaysia. Haron also has completed the Shariah Advisor Workshop by PERGAS (Association of Religious Islamic Scholars Singapore) which was conducted by Dr. Zaharuddin Abdul Rahman.

      Topics that will be discussed on that day:

        1. Zakat on Savings – How is it treated for Personal, Single, Multiple, or even Joint Accounts?

        2. Zakat on Gold – Gold prices keep fluctuating this year, do I still pay Zakat on gold jewelry and investments?

          3. Zakat on Shares – Mutual Funds and Stocks – an investor point of view.

          4. Zakat on Insurance – When treated for savings vehicle purposes

          Throughout the course, you'll have opportunities to engage with our instructors and other students through interactive discussions and practical exercises. Our aim is to make the subject matter accessible and engaging, so you can deepen your understanding of Zakat and its significance in your life.

          By the end of the course, you'll be equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to fulfill your Zakat obligations with confidence and purpose. You'll have a deeper understanding of the importance of this act of giving and its role in our faith, and you'll be able to apply these principles to your own life.

          Don't let confusion or uncertainty hold you back from fulfilling one of the most important aspects of Islam. Join us for this comprehensive Zakat course and take the first step towards a deeper, more fulfilling relationship with God.


          Venue: 1 Tannery Rd, #05-01 One Tannery. Singapore 347719

          Day/Date: 17 March, Saturday.

          Time: 9 am to 1 pm

          Fees: Recordings shared are subject to Islamicevents terms and conditions.

          $50 Non-Members 

          $40 Members( Members - If you are already a member, do get your ISE Membership Number ready before registering. (eg: ISE 000001)

          $90 for 2 pax

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          Terms & Conditions

          - Full Payments are to be made before the Course starts.

          - NO REFUND for participants that fail to attend the Course. Ensure you can commit to the course timings.

          - Participants will be given Notes. You will have to download it from the link given nearer to the course dates. The organizer has the right to make changes to the schedule or cancel the course. Participants will be informed in advance of changes.

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          Ustaz Haron Masagoes Hassan

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