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13 Jun 2021 - 2 Zulqaeda 1442 Asar 16:32 Maghrib 19:11
13 Jun 2021 - 2 Zulqaeda 1442 | Subuh 5:36 | Syuruk 7:00 | Zuhur 13:07 | Asar 16:32 | Maghrib 19:11 | Ishak 20:26
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Broadcasting live on 5 July 2021

Online Adult Madrasah (in English)

Mon, 5 July 2021, 8:00 PM - 10:00 PM | English

Fees: Termly fee: $240 Material fee: $40 Registration fee: $10

This madrasah is catered to all adults aged 18 years old and above who have no background in Islamic studies.
Our madrasah is based on “Kitab Based Syllabus” using classical texts of renowned scholars like Imam Ahmad bin Zayn Al Habsyi, Imam Nawawi, Imam Ghazali and Imam Al Haddad.
All students will be exposed to:
Comprehensive knowledge and understanding of basic Islamic subjects
• Helping students to improve their relationship with Allah swt
• Equip students with appropriate skills to be able to deliver the message of Islam to their families and friends
The Adult Madrasah class is a structured 1.5 years madrasah fully conducted in English.
We understand that time has changed, and we have adopted it in the English language and do it Online.
Our Adults Madrasah:
Allow students to attend the class at their convenience time
• Allow students who live far from our centre to benefit from our courses
• Allow the student to be with their love ones at home or at any family event without missing their madrasah class
• Prepare the madrasah in case any pandemic or unwanted circumstances that may arise in the future
• Reduce punctuality issues of both students and asatizah
The Adult Madrasah (Online) is conducted 2 hours a week


We have 3 sessions per week for you to choose from.
(Choose one only)
Monday / Wednesday / Sunday (8pm - 10pm)
The benefit of having 3 sessions is if the students have to miss their fixed session, they can choose to come in the other session.
The syllabus covered will be the same for both days by the same Asatizah
Students have to sit for all 3 mandatory subjects
1) Qur'an Reading & Tajwid (Tahsin & Tajwid)
2) Islamic Jurisprudence (Fiqh)
3) Tasawwuf (Adab)
So Sign Up Early With Us To Get The Early Bird Promotion For Online or Physical Class
Which Is The Fees Breakdown
Termly fee: $240 / student (U.P $300).
Material fees: $50 (one time off)
Registration fee: $10 one time off

To register, click on the facebook link below or you can whatsapp us at 83174168


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