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The K Mastery Communication Workshop

[Event has ended]
Sun, 6 June 2021, 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM | Malay_English
Al-Busyro Learning Development
Coach Kamilah

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Fees: $20(Single), $30(Couple), $5(Registration fees)

Discover proven ways to deal with any types of conflicts in your relationship with your spouse, children, parents, or in-laws from one of the experienced coaches in Life coaching, Neurolinguistics Programming who has helped hundreds of couples and spouses solve their relationship issues.

"I've seen many families broke apart, spouses going through complicated divorce ​cases, and relationships that were once close start to fall apart, ALL because of poor communication." - Coach Kamilah MS

Especially during this pandemic where domestic violence cases have been rising..

More time at home means more chances of getting into arguments and triggering issues that have long been swept under the rug.

If none of the family members know how to manage such situations well, eventually, its a matter of time before one of you blows up when the feeling of frustration, stress, dissatisfaction, escalated too much.

If you don't do something about it now..

Your HEALTH...your STATE OF MIND...and your LIFE will only get worst

Who Should Come For This Workshop?​

This workshop is suitable if:

- You have low self-esteem when interacting with others
- You are always feeling frustrated with how others are interacting with you
- You do not know how to deal with certain types of people (example a dominating character)
- You want to build a deeper connection with their loved ones (children, spouse, parents)
- You want to influence another person by creating a win-win outcome​

Who Is Coach Kamilah?

Coach Kamilah has been through her fair share of struggles in life while growing up as a child and during her early years of adulthood too.

She was diagnosed with a type of anxiety disorder which is called Adjustment Disorder and she managed to overcome her condition through self-mastery and finding inner peace.

During her episodes of suffering from Adjustment Disorder, she had undergone two divorces within a span of a total of 10 years being married.  Not to mention, She single-handedly managed her children while working a full-time job and caring for both her parents who were diagnosed with major illnesses.

Given her circumstances, she used to have a very negative outlook towards life and the people around her. She would blame others and fate for all the bad things that happened to her and how it made her feel dreadful.

Until one day, she told herself that she had enough of living such a gloomy life. She wanted to do something about it, and she did. With a strong sense of determination, Kamilah signed up for a few personal development courses, life mentorship programs, and eventually, her life changed for the better.

Some of her achievements include:

  • Successfully created a new and happier life with her loved ones
  • Became one of the top coaches in an international personal development company called Landmark Worldwide
  • Getting certified as a Life Coach, in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and Reiki Healing
  • Founded her own coaching company for people struggling with relationship issues and many more
  • Managed to help hundreds of people through seminars, one to one coaching, and online coaching


Here are the topics that Coach Kamilah will be sharing during the workshop:

- Exploring the importance of communication

- Distinguishing the different types of communication, its purpose and outcomes

​​- Identifying values in life

- Learning to respect the values of others

- Identify the barriers in human connection and relationship

- Exploring ways to remove the barriers

- Setting measurable goals and outcomes

- Real case studies 

- Q&A

During the webinar, Coach Kamilah will explain these points in detail and will use real-life cases as a way to show how you can apply them effectively.

**Program Details**

Location: Due to Covid-19 restrictions, we are have decided to do the seminar via Zoom Meetings
Time: 11.00am - 12.30pm
Date: 6th June 2021 (On a Sunday)

Ticket info:
Single Ticket @ $20 
(Usual Price $50)
Couple Ticket @ $30 (Usual Price $90)
Registration fee: $5

**Special rates available for Albusyro and Kamilah MS members, do contact organizer for more information on how to get the discount**
Space limited to 100 people.

Just fill-up the form below and our admin staff will guide you through the payment details. Syukran!

Any questions or if you need help with any clarifications, do Whatsapp Zaid at 96631068. 


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