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25 Apr 2024 - 16 Syawal 1445 Ishak 20:19 Subuh 5:39
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Preparing Men as Khalifah - Fardhu A'in for Men

[Event has ended]
Thu, 5 November 2020, 8.00 pm - 9.30 pm | English
Ustaz Mohammad Khairi Bin Nazron

Fardhu, a, for, preparing, khalifah, men

Fees: $10/session, $50 for 10 sessions

At some point in a boy's life, he is required to be a leader as he will be a husband, a father, and a son. He will be answerable for his family in Allah SWT court in the hereafter. Before he becomes a leader and carry such responsibilities, he must learn to handle and take care of himself and his relationship with Allah SWT.

This course is designed to prepare our boys to become better men, better husbands and insyallah better community leaders one day. 

These are the topics that would be covered in Preparing Men as Khalifah a weekly Fardhu A'in class specially for men in preparing men for their role as a Khalifah in the family.

Week 1 (Introduction)
• The meaning of Solat
• The commandment to perform Solat
• Benefits of Solat
• A clear consciousness and reasoning as to why we pray
• Those who are obliged to pray

Week 2 (History of Solat)
• Pre-Prophet Muhammad era
• Post Prophet Muhammad's prophethood (early years)
• Post Prophet Muhammad's prophethood (Israa' Mi'raaj)
• An overview of Solat according to different schools of thought

Week 3 (Cleaniness)
• The two types of Hadath
• The three categories of Najasah
• How to remove Hadath and Najasah

Week 4 (Pre-Requisites of Solat Part 1
• The pillars of Wudhu'
• The sunnahs of Wudhu'
• Matters which nullify the Wudhu'
• Determining the times of Solat
• Determining the direction of the Qiblat
• Ensuring the cleanliness of body, clothing and place of Solat
• The body parts which need to be concealed during Solat

Week 5 (Solat Part 1)
• The pillars of Solat
• Niyyah (Intention)
• Takbiratul Ihram
• Qiyaam

Week 6 (Solat Part 2)
• Ruku'
• I'tidaal
• Sujood
• And other key postures during Solat
• Qunoot
• Tahiyyat / Tashahhud
• Salaam
• Other types of Sujood: Tilawah, Sahwi etc

Week 7 (Solat Nullifiers & Other Types of Solat)
• Matters which Nullify Solat
• Actions which affect the quality of Solat
• Solat al - Janazah
• Solat al - Eid
• Bonus topic: How to effectively increase focus during Solat

Week 8 (Situational Scenarios)

• Removal of Hadath when there is no water
• Performing of Wudhu' when there is an illness, cast/bandage
• Solat while travelling
• Solat when unable to stand or sit
• Solat in a congregation (Jama'ah)
• How to begin and align a Saf when in a congregation
• If congregation is of a single gender
• If congregation is of mixed gender
• Masbuq: When entering into a congregation late
• The qualities of an Imam who leads Solat

Week 9 (Fiqh on Marriage
• Purpose of Nikah
• Rulings on Nikah (solemnisation)
• Rulings on witness, wali and dowry

Week 10 (Fiqh on Marriage)
• Rulings on Talaq and Rujuk
• Understanding Iddah
• Nafkah responsibilities
• Useful Duas


Venue : Online - Zoom
Registered participants will be invited into the Zoom session.
Do download on your device if you have not done so.
Do check your email for the link 4 hours before the session start.

Day/Date : Starting on Thursday, 3 September 2020 (Session is on every Thursdays)
• Total of 10 weeks

Time : 8.00 pm to 9.30 p,m
• 1.5 hours of weekly session (lesson + Q&A)

Fee : $10 per session (participants will be given notes + a recording of that day session ONLY)
: $50 (participant will be given access to the recording for all the 10 sessions)
Recordings shared is subject to Islamicevents terms and conditions.

Terms & Conditions
- Full Payments are to be made before the Course starts.
- NO REFUND for participants that fail to attend the Course. Ensure you can commit to the course timings.
- Participants will be given Notes. You will have to download from the link given nearer to the course dates.
- Organizer has the right to make changes to the schedule or cancel the course. Participants will be informed in advance for changes.

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