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29 Feb 2024 - 19 Syaaban 1445 Ishak 20:29 Subuh 5:57
29 Feb 2024 - 19 Syaaban 1445 | Subuh 5:57 | Syuruk 7:15 | Zuhur 13:19 | Asar 16:31 | Maghrib 19:20 | Ishak 20:29
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Broadcasting live on 19 June 2020

Raya Networking Webinar: Clarity, Seeking The Future You Want

[Event has ended]
Fri, 19 June 2020, 7:30 PM - 9:30 PM | Malay_English
Islamic Finance @ Singapore
Dr Shamsiah Abdul Karim, Basheer Buhari, Farid Khan, Shabana M Hasan, Walshalafah Salleh

Eid, Raya, Business, finance, Islamic, networking

Fees: 3.1

The event seeks to provide students, graduates and newly joined working personnel to achieve clarity in these confusing times exacerbated by the ongoing pandemic.

Participants will engage with four accomplished individuals in the field of Business, Banking and Finance through a Zoom Webinar session moderated by a Top 50 lady in Islamic Finance, Ms Shabana Muhammad Hassan.

The main topic will be segmented to four areas:
1. Clarity in reaching the next level of your career
2. Clarity amidst external challenges
3. Clarity in turning your disadvantages into a competitive advantage
4. Clarity in choosing the entrepreneurship route

These sub-topics has been alloted to the different speakers based on their experiences to provide a resonating panel session for our audience. 


EID2019 vs EID2020,are you better this year than before? Wish to do more but not sure where to start?Get clarity by joining this webinar!

Hitting a plateau at work? Finding it hard to determine where you want to succeed in life? External factors easily affecting your decisions in life?

Dear frustrated tertiary students/young professionals,

Your days of staring into space hoping things get better are over.

Imagine waking up every morning knowing you have a great day ahead of you. You know what you want to achieve and you couldn't care less about those holding you back because you have clarity.

Not sure whether you can achieve this?

Now you can - with our line up of speakers to give you insight on how to get clarity in your current state of life.

Whether you are a tertiary student, just started work, still looking for opportunities or a worker looking for that push to go on a next level, this webinar is for you!

Need further information on what will be covered? Well, get ready for a value-packed webinar with our four panelists who are masters in their own field.

This webinar is hosted by IF@SG, in partnership with Muslims in Finance (MIF), AMP Singapore, ISGN Ventures and Global Sadaqah.

Listen to our list of selected panelists:

1. Mr Farid Khan is the Chairman of Bourbon Offshore Asia, Managing Director of Bumi Subsea Asia, CEO of Greenship Holding (since 2013) and the Director of Maxsurv Pte Ltd. He is a veteran in the Maritime industry with over 40 years of experience. His career kickstarted with Neptune Orient Lines in 1976, moving on to an Offshore construction barge company in Indonesia. He then worked for various shore based companies, holding positions from Tech Manager to General Manager. In 2015, he started Bourbon Offshore Asia, and has been the chairman since 2016.

2. Mr Basheer Buhari was the former managing director of ING Bank N.V. in Singapore before he retired in late 2019. He has more than 40 years of banking experience, starting as a management trainee in Bank Of America, subsequently moving on to ABN Amro before being called by ING in 1994. He has helmed management roles in project finance and structured finance and has extensive experience in debt markets, aerospace and corporate finance activities. He graduated from London School of Economics and has an MBA from Cranfield Institute of Technology.

3. Dr Shamsiah Abdul Karim is currently the CEO of Pergas Investment Holdings. Before this, she held leadership roles in several corporations namely, Deputy Director in Asset Management for MUIS, CEO of Albukhary Foundation and Senior Vice President of Bank Muamalat. She has a Phd from Durham University and has extensive experience in Islamic Endowment.

4. Mr Walshalafah Salleh is the current director of First Abu Dhabi Bank covering South East Asia and Australia. He started his career as a graduate management trainee of a Malaysian Bank and has experience working for CIMB and ING Bank N.V. Singapore. He specialises in structured finance and is responsible in managing First Abu Dhabi Bank's credit business in particular Indonesia and Malaysia corporates.

5. Mrs Shabana is an independent shariah consultant and has served multiple roles in the Islamic Finance field. She was a researcher in ISRA, contributed in the writings of several significant books of the Islamic Finance field including the comprehensive “Islamic Financial System: Principles & Operations”. Besides lecturing in universities, she regularly contributes her writings to different publications including Islamic Finance News. She has a MSc in Islamic Finance (DIST) from Durham University and an economics degree from IIUM. In 2018, Mrs Shabana was awarded Top 50 Most Influential women in Islamic Finance.

Here's What You'll Get This Year!

Clarity in reaching the next level of your career:

  • What skillsets do tertiary students and young executives need to acquire to reach a managerial position?
  • How do you stand out in a global workforce?
  • How do you stay grounded in your faith when you have reached a high level of responsibility and, possibly, income?
  • How do you find a mentor that will push, nurture, and develop you?

Clarity amidst external challenges:

  • What challenges a Muslimah will face in the workplace and how to overcome them?
  • What changes would bring forth a brighter future for females as leaders?
  • How do we decide with clarity in pursuing post-graduate studies?
  • A female leader or manager Dr Shamsiah looks up to. What qualities made them stand out?

Clarity in turning your disadvantages into a competitive advantage:

  • How to turn past difficulties to drive you towards success
  • What do employers look for in fresh graduates who are about to join the workforce? How do you set yourself apart?
  • What are the prospects of a career in Islamic Banking and Finance?

Clarity in choosing the entrepreneurship route:

  • Immediately starting a business straight after graduation or gaining some work experience first? Which should you choose?
  • What are some insights our panels gained in terms of leading a business?
  • What does it take to sustain a business over the long term?
  • Advises to be shared to new business owners to survive and possibly overcome a problem like the Covid-19 pandemic?

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Islamic Finance @ Singapore


Dr Shamsiah Abdul Karim, Basheer Buhari, Farid Khan, Shabana M Hasan, Walshalafah Salleh


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