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27 Oct 2021 - 20 RabiulAwwal 1443 Subuh 5:28 Syuruk 6:47
27 Oct 2021 - 20 RabiulAwwal 1443 | Subuh 5:28 | Syuruk 6:47 | Zuhur 12:50 | Asar 16:08 | Maghrib 18:51 | Ishak 20:02
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Broadcasting live on 18 April 2020

Fiqh Ramadan ( English)

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Fiqh Ramadan by ADIL is a specially tailored FREE workshop catering to our students who wishes to be fully equipped with knowledge pertaining to all of the ibadah pre-Ramadan, during, and post-Ramadan. The month of Ramadan, the month whereas Muslims we fast during the day, and increase prayer during the night, is in essence a month that call for us to rethink our day-to-day conduct. A month of discipline, a month that serve as an annual training period to reinforce good behaviors and exemplary conduct.


Murabbi: Ustaz Md Aizat Zulkifli, Asisstant head, Religious & Social Services, Asyakirin Mosque
Day & Date: Saturday, 18/04/2020

In this session, we will be covering the following topics:
  1. Preparations prior to Ramadan
  2. Fasting during Ramadan
  3. Zakat Fitrah
  4. Terawih prayers
  5. Qiyamulleil prayers
  6. The Night of Destiny ‘Lailatul Qadr'
  7. Frequently Asked Questions about Ramadan & Other contemporary issues
  8. Eid Prayer and the Takbir
  9. Eid fitr celebrations
  10. Steadfastness post-Ramadan


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