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'Menjelang Hari Perkahwinan': Marriage Checklist

[Event has ended]
Sat, 14 March 2020, 7:30 PM - 9:30 PM | Malay
Ustaz Muhammad Nuzhan Abdul Halim, Ustaz Maaz Salim, Hambali, Abdul Halim, Hakim, Ayim

Fees: $35

The day has come when you & your partner has finally decided to tie the knot! :)

NOW it's the time for you to PLAN for your BIG DAY!

As much as you want to do a SIMPLE wedding, one can't deny the importance of having a proper PLANNING in order to make a successful & happy reception that live lasts in the memory.

Maybe you have come to a certain stage in planning, where you think you had done enough of planning, but you just want to do a \\"CHECKLIST\\" on those possible blind spots which may ruin your mood on your BIG DAY.

As a couple, you have tons of question with regards to Majlis Akad Nikah like \\"How should I conduct myself during Akad Nikah? How to make lafaz ijab qabul? What is Taklik? What if the Wali don't want to attend our Majlis Akad Nikah?!\\"

As a groom, maybe you have not decided on whether or not the need to engage a groomstylist as you are not sure what it can benefits you and what are the roles of a groomstylist?

Or as a bride, you are not too sure which Mak Andam to choose and what type of Mak Andam you should be looking for?

This is the event that you are looking for!

'Menjelang Hari Perkahwinan' is a wedding checklist for soon-to-be married couples where most of the important service providers come together to share their tips and advice.

From your Mak Andam, videographer to Tok Kadi, these kind souls will guide you and walk you through the recipes of having a smooth & successful wedding reception.

A 2-hour event, they will try their best to ANSWER ALL YOUR QUESTIONS, sharing their tips and advice in a conducive environment.Hali


1- Ustaz Muhammad Nuzhan Abdul Halim - The Kadi (Naib Kadi, ROMM)

2- Hambali - The Pak Andam (Hambali The Wedding Regalia)

3- Abdul Halim - The Groomstylist (Raja Sehari SG)

4- Hakim - The DJ (HalDuo Emcee)

5- Ayim - The Videographer (Redtape Projects)

6- Ustaz Muhammad Ma'az Sallim - The Moderator (Kahwinbuzz)


Venue : TBC

Day/Date : Saturday, 14 Mar 2020

Masa : 7.30 pm




Ustaz Maaz Salim, Hambali, Abdul Halim, Hakim, Ayim
Ustaz Muhammad Nuzhan Abdul Halim

Ustaz Muhammad Nuzhan graduated with Bachelor of Arts Degree in Quranic Exegesis and its Sciences fr...


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