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26 May 2024 - 17 Zulqaeda 1445 Syuruk 6:57 Zuhur 13:04
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The Beauty of Solat Part 2: Internalising Your Recitation

[Event has ended]
Tue, 29 October 2019, 7:30 PM - 9:30 PM | English
Ustazah Aimatunnisa

solat, internalising, recitation

Fees: $70

Solat is the most important ibadah in our daily life. Perhaps you have been performing solat every single day since you attained the age of obligation. Perhaps you have been disciplined in performing your solat as a daily routine and you know all the essentials of solat by heart, but there are doubts and burning questions in your mind that have been left unanswered for years.
That's why we are here; to help you to clear all your doubts and answer questions you might have about solat, thoharah (purification), wudhu (ablution), your recitation and khusyuk. We will also tackle common mistakes in solat. And we want to help you to understand the recitation of your solat so in the end you can improve the quality of your solat insyaAllah!


The Beauty of Solat Part 2: Internalising Your Recitations


With Ustazah ‘Aimatunnisa

29 & 30 October 2019
7.30pm - 9.30pm
International Plaza, #36-05A

- Learn the stories and secrets behind prayer movements.
- Explore the literal translation of every word in your solat.
- Internalise your movement and recitation in everyday prayers.

For ladies only!

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International Plaza

10 Anson Road, Singapore 079903




Ustazah Aimatunnisa


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