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9 Jul 2020 - 17 Zulqaeda 1441 Syuruk 7:05 Zuhur 13:12
9 Jul 2020 - 17 Zulqaeda 1441 | Subuh 5:42 | Syuruk 7:05 | Zuhur 13:12 | Asar 16:36 | Maghrib 19:16 | Ishak 20:31
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Sat, 6 July 2019, 10am | English
The Hive Lavender
Nurul Hussain, Hazrul Jamari , Tengku Hafidz

conference, tech

Let's REFACTOR our potential as future Muslims in Tech! - A Tertiary Career Conference Event

Salaam brothers and sisters!

Are you a Muslim tertiary student/fresh grad with a passion for tech? Then don't miss TCCRefactor, a Tertiary Career Conference event dedicated to Computer Science!

We got workshops, networking sessions, and a panel discussion about what it means to be a Muslim in Tech. Together with Young AMP, we want to INSPIRE ALL OF YOU and welcome you to the #MuslimInTech community!

Want to tell a story, or share about your latest techie project? You have full access to our Open Mic session, where you get up to five minutes to present!

On top of that, we have workshops in Git and Database Modelling for up to 50 people! We have also invited some of our #MuslimsInTech movers and shakers, including The Codette Project founder Nurul Hussain, Head of InfoSys at WhatsHalal Hazrul Jamari AND MSOCIETY founder Tengku Hafidz.


For more details, check our site at !

You can even sign up RIGHT AWAY at !


The Hive Lavender

1 Kallang Junction Singapore 39263


Nurul Hussain, Hazrul Jamari , Tengku Hafidz


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