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21 Oct 2020 - 4 RabiulAwwal 1442 Syuruk 6:47 Zuhur 12:51
21 Oct 2020 - 4 RabiulAwwal 1442 | Subuh 5:29 | Syuruk 6:47 | Zuhur 12:51 | Asar 16:07 | Maghrib 18:52 | Ishak 20:02
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Perkara Hati/Matters of the Heart - Ibrah Saikology Surah Al Maidah

[Event has ended]
Sun, 30 June 2019, 10am to 2 pm | Malay
To be confirmed
Madani Institute Singapore
Ustazah Dr Nek Mah Batri

quran, stress, depression, sad, workshop, ibrah, tazkirah

Fees: $55/pax

In Islam managing emotional distress, one should not heavily focus on cognitive and emotional aspect as proposed by western scholars, but neglecting the heart (al qalb) and soul (al ruh). Infact talking about al Qalb (spiritual heart) Imam Al Ghazali rahimahullah mentioned about 4 types; i.e al Sadr, al Qalb, al Fu'ad and al Lub.

In al Quran Allah also mentioned about al Qalb salim (hati yang sejahtera). Looking from perspective of surah al Maidah, Allah testify with oath (agreement) and food from Allah to followers of Isa a.s.

But how does both relate to topic on emotional distress ? This is part 2 of our Emotional Distress Talk from Islamic Psychology from the speakers finding in her research thesis.. Do come and listen..

The content covers another partial aspect of the speakers findings in her Phd thesis in Falsafah Fiqh Sains Teknologi. She will be assisted by Ust Mohd Jakfar b Hj Embek who will cover tadabbur and synopsis of surah al Maidah.


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Madani Institute Singapore


Ustazah Dr Nek Mah Batri


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