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Writers' Briefing

[Event has ended]
Sat, 6 December 2008, 2pm to 5pm | Malay
Health Promotion Board


3 hour briefing and gathering of writers.

- The writers will be briefed on the proper of way of writing and what is expected by

- The audience will also learn about the new Advertising system that will implaced for the next coming year.

- A mini Copywriting workshop will also be included to teach the writers on how to write articles that will engage their readers.

- Confidential Agreement & Signing.


Speaker: Fadzuli Wahab - Co Founder of IslamicSG Networks

Date: 6 Dec 2008
Time: 2pm to 5pm
Venue: Health Promotion Board, Lecture Rm, Level 1

Event will start exactly at 2.10pm

We like to sincerely thank our sponsors, Sister Ainul from Health Promotion Board for letting us use the venue.

Please RSVP here. Click link below


Health Promotion Board

1 Hospital Drive, Singapore 169608



IslamicSG Networks is a company dedicated to pioneering and investing in information technology to f...


Fadzuli Wahab

Co-Founder of IslamicSG Networks Principal Trainer for Virtual Internet Specialist...


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