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23 Oct 2020 - 6 RabiulAwwal 1442 Ishak 20:02 Subuh 5:29
23 Oct 2020 - 6 RabiulAwwal 1442 | Subuh 5:29 | Syuruk 6:47 | Zuhur 12:50 | Asar 16:08 | Maghrib 18:52 | Ishak 20:02
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Mimbar Family Hacks Workshop: Sunnah Hacks for Modern Muslimah

[Event has ended]
Sat, 27 April 2019, 10am-1:30pm | English
Ustazah Dr Sakinah Saptu, Ustazah Nur Hidayah Azman, Ustazah Unaisah Adam

Fees: $10

In this fast-paced global era, life expects us to move forward while handling worldly matters and at the same time keeping our faith intact. Planning our hijrah or transition is easier said than done, especially when life itself would present to us unforeseen circumstances along the way.

So how do we proceed towards betterment amidst all these technological advancements, personal and family commitments on top of pursuing our careers while maintaining our mental well-being as a woman at the same time? This workshop will prepare you by sharing the way that the Prophet and His companions handle all of these while facing transitional challenges.


Do join us as we have an exclusive Q&A session at the end of the workshop! Register now:


Assyakirin Mosque

550 Yung An Road, Singapore 618617


Masjid Assyakirin (Mosque)

Assyakirin Mosque was first built and declared open in 30th April 1978. Its mission is to serve...


Ustazah Dr Sakinah Saptu, Ustazah Nur Hidayah Azman, Ustazah Unaisah Adam


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