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4 Dec 2023 - 20 JamadulAwal 1445 Maghrib 18:57 Ishak 20:11
4 Dec 2023 - 20 JamadulAwal 1445 | Subuh 5:31 | Syuruk 6:54 | Zuhur 12:57 | Asar 16:20 | Maghrib 18:57 | Ishak 20:11
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Mass Tahnik & Parental talk

[Event has ended]
Sun, 24 March 2019, 2pm-6pm | English
Al Qudwah Academy
Himayah, Liyana Musfirah Network
Ustaz Yusuf Abdul Rahman, Ustazah Liyana Musfirah

Fees: Parental talk ($35/pax) & Mass Tahnik ($200/baby)

An event not to be missed! We have:
- Parental talk ($35/pax)
There are more and more young parents in today's time. Young parents need support, assistance, enlightenment and guidance throughout this remarkable journey of parenting. It's not easy learning to become an ideal spouse while becoming a new parent all at the same time. Is there a manual to become good parents in Islam? What about a to-do list or the must-haves for new parents to help them through this magical yet challenging journey?
Join us as our Asatizah parents share with you their take on Islamic parenting.

Speaker: Ustaz Yusof
Topic: on behalf of the fathers

Speaker: Ustazah Liyana musfirah
Topic: on Behalf of the mothers

- Mass Tahnik ($200/baby)
*Gift for Tahnik*
- Certificate
- Goodie Bag worth $100
- Edited picture of baby & family
- Attar/ Air Zamzam

- Mini bazaar
Cupcakes, Abaya, Essential Oils and Hijabs all under one roof. Hop on here from 2pm-6pm


Both registration for Parental Talk and Tahnik Service can be done via

For more details about Himayah, you may visit them on their


Al Qudwah Academy

10/11 Pahang Street Singapore 198611


Himayah, Liyana Musfirah Network


Ustaz Yusuf Abdul Rahman, Ustazah Liyana Musfirah


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