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13 Jul 2020 - 21 Zulqaeda 1441 Syuruk 7:06 Zuhur 13:12
13 Jul 2020 - 21 Zulqaeda 1441 | Subuh 5:43 | Syuruk 7:06 | Zuhur 13:12 | Asar 16:36 | Maghrib 19:17 | Ishak 20:31
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Muhawarah Arabic Course for Beginners @Paya Lebar

[Event has ended]
Thu, 10 January 2019, 8pm | English
Arab Association
Al Ahdaf Academy
Mustafa Altahir

arabic, beginners, adult

Al-Ahdaf Academy is proud to present Al Muhawarah Arabic Course. We aim to equip you with the knowledge and skills necessary for daily Arabic conversation and reading comprehension. In just 5 months, you will master a basic vocabulary that enables you to converse confidently and speak this beautiful language properly. We tailor the course to track students' general progress to better cater to their varying personal needs.

Learn Arabic today. Speak it tomorrow...

Together, we'll build a spirited Arabic-speaking society in Singapore.


You should attend the course if:

-You are passionate about learning/understanding the Arabic language.
-You are able to commit once/twice a week through out the course.
-You intend to pursue a deeper study of the Arabic language.
-Your child is in Madrasah and you want to assist them in their studies.
-You plan to travel to or will be stationed at an Arabic-speaking country.
-You find yourself regularly liaising with Arabic-speaking clients.
-You are currently studying Arabic and need more opportunities to apply it to boost your conversational skills.
-You have basic Arabic conversational skills and want to develop these skills further
-You have already experienced a similar course but has lost touch and would like to get back up to speed.
-You want to be able to understand Quran and Arabic text.
-This is a fantastic opportunity for you and we are delighted to be able to present this.


Arab Association

No 11, Geylang Lorong 37


Al Ahdaf Academy


Mustafa Altahir


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