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25 Oct 2020 - 8 RabiulAwwal 1442 Ishak 20:02 Subuh 5:28
25 Oct 2020 - 8 RabiulAwwal 1442 | Subuh 5:28 | Syuruk 6:47 | Zuhur 12:50 | Asar 16:08 | Maghrib 18:51 | Ishak 20:02
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Healing My Family and Me

[Event has ended]
Sun, 18 March 2018, 2pm to 5pm | English
Al Qudwah Academy

family, motherhood, ruqyah

Fees: $40/pax

Alhamdullillah, its BACK for A RE-RUN by popular demand. Previous run on 11Feb2018 was a SOLD out.

"Jin, Evil Eye and Sihir. Have FEAR only in the All Merciful "
The Prophet Muhammad صلى الله عليه وسلم said:
" There is no disease that Allah almighty has created, except that He also has created its treatment/cure."

As Mothers, it is important for us to not to instill unnecessary fear in our children heart for the UNSEEN world. They should be taught to only fear our creator, the All Merciful.
In this programme, Ustazah Tuty will
1. Demystify the "UNSEEN" world. - cleaning up our mindset and fear of such things.
2. Teach mothers how to identify if someone is in need of RUQYAH or perhaps is only suffering an ailment which requires a medical DOCTOR.
3. Surahs in AL-Quran to protect the household
4. Hands-on session to prepare your own water and oils for Ruqyah.
- Do bring your own bottle of water and essential oils or edible oils (not cosmetic oil).
5. How to perform simple ruqyah for yourself and your family members
6. Q&A session

*Includes a LIVE RUQYAH session.

Mothers & Women of all ages are welcome.


DATE : 18 March 2018
TIME : 2PM to 5PM
VENUE : Al-Qudwah Academy (1st Floor)

Pricing : $40/pax or $35/pax (min of 2 pax)
Tickets : Whatsapp Waheedah @96779486

Additional 10% discount if you sign up for next programme in the HEALING SERIES - MANAGING MY MIND, TRANSFORMS MY LIFE on 1st April 2018.
*** ***

We hope to see you on the 18 MAR 2018.
Limited seats available so get your tickets earlier!


Al Qudwah Academy

10/11 Pahang Street Singapore 198611




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