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(Maulidur Rasul SAW) 28 Sep 2023 - 12 RabiulAwwal 1445 Maghrib 18:59 Ishak 20:08
(Maulidur Rasul SAW) 28 Sep 2023 - 12 RabiulAwwal 1445 | Subuh 5:36 | Syuruk 6:53 | Zuhur 12:57 | Asar 16:02 | Maghrib 18:59 | Ishak 20:08
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More Than Just Marriage

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Sat, 3 February 2018, 1515 - 1730 | English
Nanyang Polytechnic Muslim Society
Ustaz Kamal Mokhtar, Sani Hamid, Ustaz Zahid Mohd Zin

financial planning, pre marriage, post marriage, awareness

Fees: $6

At this time and era where we see everyone immersed in their own partners, it is a warning as to whether we are really ready to move on to the next phase of life. Are you?

At just $6* with very limited seats, our objective is to raise awareness of how marriage is not entirely based on love and the connection you have with your partners. The amount of preparation that needs to be done - pre-marriage & post-marriage. Have you thought it through?

Below are a few questions and some small puns you can bring to the event.

- Is it a beautiful wedding or a beautiful marriage that you want?
- So you got her in dunya, Alhamdulillah. But are you going to be with her in Jannah?
- You mean to tell me you think you can manage a spouse, when you are not financially stable yet?
- Don't let her hand go when you're in the mall. You may think it's romantic, but really it's just economic.

If you are among those who are in the midst of planning for your marriage, or already have small talks like this with your partner, come!!! Fret not if you have yet to have a partner, maybe you can bump into your fate here? Who knows... but first thing's first, set your intentions right :-)

*due to Administrative charges


AMP Auditorium


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Speakers and their topics:
Ust Zahid Zin - Marriage:Utopia or Dystopia
Mr Sani Hamid - Marriage Survival Guide
Ust Kamal Mokhtar - Principles of Happiness


AMP (Association of Muslim Professionals)

1 Pasir Ris Drive 4, Singapore 519457


Nanyang Polytechnic Muslim Society


Ustaz Kamal Mokhtar, Ustaz Zahid Mohd Zin
Sani Hamid

Sani Hamid currently holds the position of Director (Economy & Market Strategy) in Financial Allianc...


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