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26 Jan 2020 - 1 JamadulAkhir 1441 Ishak 20:32 Subuh 5:55
26 Jan 2020 - 1 JamadulAkhir 1441 | Subuh 5:55 | Syuruk 7:16 | Zuhur 13:19 | Asar 16:41 | Maghrib 19:20 | Ishak 20:32
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Path of Repentance

[Event has ended]
Wed, 21 February 2018, 7.30pm - 9.30pm | English
Masjid Al Falah
Ustaz Ruknuddin Zainor

path, repentance, tawbah

Fees: $50

ADIL | Path of Repentance

Assalamualaikum Wr Wb,

The beginning are always the hardest, they say. What better way than to start the year with remembrance of Him and to turn back to Allah. It does not really matter how big the sins are because what matters most is that Allah is the Most Forgiving and His forgiveness and mercy are above our sins.

Alhamdulillah, we bring you another class of Path of Repentance with Ustaz Rukhnuddin Zainor this time. The class will commence on 21 February 2018, every Wednesdays from 7.30pm to 9.30pm. Among the matters to be discussed in this course include the concept of Tawbah, actions to be done towards Tawbah and stories of Repentance.

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Masjid Al-Falah


7.30pm - 9.30pm


Al-Falah Mosque

22 Bideford Road #01-01 Singapore 229923


Masjid Al Falah


Ustaz Ruknuddin Zainor


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