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24 Jan 2021 - 11 JamadulAkhir 1442 Ishak 20:32 Subuh 5:55
24 Jan 2021 - 11 JamadulAkhir 1442 | Subuh 5:55 | Syuruk 7:16 | Zuhur 13:19 | Asar 16:41 | Maghrib 19:19 | Ishak 20:32
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Certificate in Islamic Studies for Youth

[Event has ended]
Perdaus Bedok and Perdaus Bukit Batok

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Fees: $55 monthly

The youth of today are our leaders of tomorrow.

Join SPIB, the Certificate of Islamic Studies for Youth, in Perdaus!

In SPIB, the continuation of Madrasah Perdaus, we value knowledge, skills and attitude in grooming future Khalifahs-fil-Ardh.

Besides Islamic education in classroom-based sessions, our SPIB youth programme encourages leadership qualities in students through experiential learning programmes such as camps, community work and humanitarian aid projects.

In sha Allah, we believe that experiential learning will help students to appreciate and feel confident in their Muslim identity in a modern and cosmopolitan Singapore, in sha Allah.

Sign up now and learn about Islam as how it should be lived!


Age: 17 to 24 years old

Saturday, 8pm (Bukit Batok)
Sunday, 6pm (Bedok)

Starting in February 2017.

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Formed in 1964, Perdaus has had a 50-year history of providing educational and leadership developmen...


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