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5 Pillars Of Islamic Wealth Workshop

[Event has ended]
Sat, 23 December 2017, 9.30am to 5.30pm | English
2 Bukit Merah Central
Aman Amanah Advisory Group, Islamic Wealth Management And Events

islamic wealth, financial planning, shariah compliant, riba, zakat, wasiat, halal investment

Fees: 35

5 Pillars Of Islamic Wealth - Workshop

Have you been managing your wealth the Islamic Way? How well do you know about Shariah compliant Investments? Are you prepared with your Wasiat & understand Islamic Estate Planning?

We are delighted to present to you the niche seminar 5 Pillars of Islamic Wealth- Workshop, brought to you by Islamic Wealth Management Events SG & Aman Amanah Advisory Group, under the banner of FAiWA. (FAiWA: Financial Alliance Islamic Wealth Advisory, is Singapore's ONLY, largest & leader in Islamic Wealth Advisory with collaborative effort by its members, giving you the utmost benefit on how you can improve your duty as a muslim financially as well as spiritually via a one-stop-solution platform where in it are readily available Certified Islamic Wealth Advisors)

Workshop Objective:
We aim to address the individual needs of a Muslim on their wealth through the 5 pillars (answering the above 3 critical questions as fully as posible):

1) Wealth Management (ascertain Cashflow)
2) Wealth Enhancement (via 100% Shariah Investment Portfolio)
3) Wealth Protection (Insurance that is in line with our fatwa that has been written & approved by our Shariah Advisor, Dr Akram Laldin) 4) Wealth Distribution (Wasiat, Wakaf, Faraidh) 5) Zakat

We want to introduce & increase awareness to the current best practice on Shariah Compliant products, services and views for the community.

We will highlight the importance of finding a shariah solution through the reviewing and converting from non-shariah plans to shariah/temporarily permissible plans in the market.

This workshop leans towards applied-based learning, where participants are given more opportunity to learn in-depth about managing their wealth the Islamic way, and possibly immediately apply on that very day itself.


Venue: 5 pillars of Islamic Wealth Workshop on 23rd December 2017 at Former Spring Singapore, No 2, Bukit Merah Central, Level 10.
Time: 9.30am to 5.30pm

Workshop Agenda
Key Principles in Islamic Financial Planning – Gauge your financial stability and investment in a practical manner ... covering 2 Pillars; Wealth Enhancement & Wealth Protection.
(With Sani Hamid)

Distribution Of Wealth: A Muslim's Perspective – Calculate with confidence the Faraid distribution and Zakat for your wealth... covering 2 Pillars; Wealth Distribution & Zakat
(With Ust Haron Masagoes)

Having a Right Approach in managing Wealth –Understand the 5 pillars of Islamic Wealth with easy and simple checklist ... covering 1 Pillar, Wealth Management, & all Pillars as a whole
(With Zaid Masagos)

We are looking forward to see you on 23rd December 2017!


2 Bukit Merah Central

2 Bukit Merah Central Singapore 159835


Aman Amanah Advisory Group, Islamic Wealth Management And Events


Sani Hamid

Sani Hamid currently holds the position of Director (Economy & Market Strategy) in Financial Allianc...

Zaid Masagos

Zaid Masagos is in the business of giving people insight into themselves and the people they interac...

Ustaz Haron Masagoes Hassan

Ustaz Haron Masagoes Hassan presently is the deputy head and internal shariah advisor for the Islami...


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