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Love & Pray Conference

[Event has ended]
Sat, 23 December 2017, 2.30pm to 10.15pm | English
Light Upon Light
Dr Halima Boukerroucha, Harry John Fear

love and pray, life challenges, overcoming challenges

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It is iminent that in this life, we will face challenges and difficulties. We often struggle with finding ways to deal with it. Love & Pray is a platform where we help to provide analysis, understanding the right concept and applying it in the best way possible. Love & Pray provides powerful tools to help anyone going through trials and tribulations in life that could cause sadness, depression, and losing hope.

This event will bring together the speakers from UK and Algeria to teach and discuss how we can overcome our challenges with positivism and hold on to our faith.

The event will cover several topics about love that is, love for the world, love for human beings, love of God and love of nature and environment. The speaker will be covering these topics and angle them in a way to assist deep thought, reflection, contemplation and most importantly to take positive action moving forward. In this event, we will encourage the understanding of being grateful for our lives and to appreciate the gifts that are given to us. In this, we hope that even when we are surrounded by difficulties, we view all of it as a blessing to help us grow and become wiser, and a better individual.

The program consists of lectures, panel discussion and interactive session with the audience through question and answer.


Our Speakers:

1) Dr Halima Boukerracha
Asst Professor
International Islamic University Malaysia

Topic: Love for God: The Greatest Love Story
To know the purpose of our existence in this world is through the knowledge of knowing our Creator, Our Master, Our Beloved, Allah SWT. It is through this bonding we truly develop the understanding of true love and how important our trust in Him, which will then lead to our submission to Allah SWT. In this talk, we will learn some of the attributes of our Lord, and how those attributes manifest in our lives. It is often when we strengthen our relationship with Him, that we truly find peace and solace in our challenges and struggles in life. A journey of a lover to The Beloved is ultimately the greatest love story of all time.

2) Mr Harry John Fear
A journalist from the UK.

A Muslim revert. This speaker has travelled to Syria and many war-torn countries as a journalist covering unbiased news reports with regards to the crisis happening in these countries. He has also spoke on many stages including TedX. Let's see the world through his lenses where the love for humans affects and changes the lives of the people in those areas.

3) Moderator:

Harasha Bafana
Adam & Hawa Network


Event Title: Love and Pray

Date: Saturday, 23 Dec 2017
Venue: Shine Auditorium, 100 Beach Rd, Singapore 189702

Session 1: Dr Halima Boukerracha
Topic: Love for God: The Greatest Love Story
Time: 2.30pm to 5.30pm
** Registration begins at 1.30pm.
Fees: $20

Session 2: Brother Harry Fear
Topic: Love for Humanity. The act of trying to find the way home is what convinces us we are lost."
Time: 7.45pm to 10pm
** Registration begins at 6.30pm.
Fees: $15

Praying area will be catered for Zuhur, Asar & Maghrib Prayers.
Participants are welcome to pray solat at the location to avoid being late.

This event is open to both men and women.

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Shine Auditorium

100 Beach Rd, Shaw Tower Singapore 189702


Light Upon Light


Dr Halima Boukerroucha, Harry John Fear


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