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13 Jul 2020 - 21 Zulqaeda 1441 Syuruk 7:06 Zuhur 13:12
13 Jul 2020 - 21 Zulqaeda 1441 | Subuh 5:43 | Syuruk 7:06 | Zuhur 13:12 | Asar 16:36 | Maghrib 19:17 | Ishak 20:31
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Beyond The Vow

[Event has ended]
Sat, 2 December 2017, 2pm-4pm | English
62A Arab Street
Chic Mamae
Mdm Norsiah Rejab, Ustaz Tarmizi Wahid (Safinah Institute)

parenting, motherhood, father, marriage

Fees: $28/Pax ; $50/pair

We are honoured to have Ustaz @miziwahid, Founder of Safinah Institute, to share with us
how to grow your marriage after having kids
♡Am I a good parent and life partner?
♡What can we do now and tomorrow if we fail to be the best version of ourselves as a parent/spouse ?
♡ How to be there for each other , to strengthen the marriage through different challenges especially frequent fights and high level of stress dealing with children issues

Alhamdulillah for having experienced counsellor Mdm Norsiah, to share more on connecting after kids - more than just parenting partners :
♡Importance to reignite spark with spouses especially after parenthood.
♡What we we need to understand about each other needs (intimacy/ deep meaningful 'pillow talk' / personal Me- time)
♡TOP struggles of adding a child into a marriage and solutions to make transition easier ( based on real life stories from family Counselling sessions


Our children corner will be mended by the awesome team of @playdatesg (limited to first 20 children aged 2-6yrs old) ! Contact us at 97277798 for enquiries . Register via this link -

62A Arab Street



Chic Mamae


Mdm Norsiah Rejab, Ustaz Tarmizi Wahid (Safinah Institute)


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