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13 Jul 2020 - 21 Zulqaeda 1441 Zuhur 13:12 Asar 16:36
13 Jul 2020 - 21 Zulqaeda 1441 | Subuh 5:43 | Syuruk 7:06 | Zuhur 13:12 | Asar 16:36 | Maghrib 19:17 | Ishak 20:31
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Adult Tamhid Class Basic Quranic Literacy

[Event has ended]
Tue, 7 November 2017, 8pm - 10pm | Malay
Nadi Quranic Learning Centre
Nadi Quranic Learning Centre

quran, basic, literacy, adult, beginners

Fees: $25/session

Assalamu'alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh,

in Nadi Quranic Learning Centre in Bedok Reservoir,

- No questions asked
- Basic guided reading
- Read along with others
- Once a week 2hrs/session
- Affordable infaq Quran enrichment

Many have tried & proven that everyone can read the Quran in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Brunei and New Zealand, Australia.
Be part of the learning community.
Age from 5 to 70.

- No worries if you,
> can't read...
> having difficulties to read...
> learning to read again...
> not proficient in reading...
> not knowing the rules....
*We'll start from the beginning & fresh for everyone.*

InsyaAllah our New Class for...
- Basic Al-Quran Reading ~ using a new unique set of tapping tool and a comprehensive text book.
- Learn Quran through new concept on Visual, Auditory, Kinestetic application.

Easy, Engaging, Effective
Learning Quran is FUN
Let's learn to read the Holy Quran.
It's very important because...
- we recite it in salah
- we read/recite it in doa
- we read/recite in dzkir

Join us now for our Oct/Nov INTAKE FOR KIDS AND ADULT!
Limited space available~


@$25/pax per session
Registration fee: $50
incl. a set of book + tapping tool
How to register?
Register online @
+65 97470175 / +65 82531667

Venue: 744 Bedok Reservoir Rd (abv Subway Cafe)

May we become proficient Quran readers. Aameen.


Nadi Quranic Learning Centre


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