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Marriage Preparation Course Cinta Abadi by Relationship Coach Rasimah Jar (PROWISE Consultancy)

[Event has ended]
Sat, 5 August 2017, 9.30am - 5.00pm | English
96 Waterloo Street, Singapore 187967
Mdm Rasimah Jar

pre marriage course, engagement

Fees: $130 per person ($260 per couple)

No Boring Lectures! This 2-day Cinta Abadi Marriage Preparation & Guidance Course is highly interactive, engaging, experiential and yet fun. We'll guide you towards equipping yourself with the necessary knowledge and skills in building a lasting and stable marriage filled with love, romance and life-long commitment.

This course interweaves Islamic values and relevant psychological concepts/techniques with proven effective marital practice that will enhance deeper awareness and understanding on relationships, couplehood and marriage through hands-on activities and games, self and couple reflections,and group discussions and interactions.

This course is conducted by Certified Coach Rasimah Jar, a Psychology-trained Specialist and a weekly resident Coach for Radio RIA 89.7FM's weekly Talk Show in relationship issues and personal enhancement. Relationship Coach Rasimah has been coaching and counselling couples and families in relationship building and enhancement via her vast working relationships with many Malay/Muslim organisations, mosques, VWOs and the government since the 1990s. She has also lent her expertise and advice to various infotainment programmes on Mediacorp TV like Rudy & Rilla & Ah! Adam & Hawa shows, talk shows on radio and wrote articles on relationship and marriage for magazines and the newspaper. Being blissfully married for 20 years and well-liked by many of her clients and students, Coach Rasimah "walks the talk" about marriage and relationships. Join the course and pick Coach Rasimah's brain on how you can build a strong and stable yet loving, romantic and committed marriage.

Amongst other topics, Coach Rasimah will guide you on:
-Identifying your own and shared VISION and mission for your marriage
-Applying the elements of self-mastery for a successful marriage
-Understanding the Psychology of a Beautiful Relationship
-Understanding that a strong and blissful marriage is built on the pillars of love and blessings
-Understanding and acknowledging the changes and adjustments needed in your own and shared Values, Knowledge and Behaviour
-Reflecting on how your own/partner's strengths and weaknesses affect the marital relationship
-Preparing to face challenges in your marriage
-Understanding the importance of clear roles and responsibilities
-Understanding the impact of good and poor management of roles, responsibilities and finances
-Discussing and negotiating roles and responsibilities more amicably
-Planning budget based on needs and resources
-Understanding the exclusivity and mutuality of sex and intimacy, given the guidelines that Islam provides
-Discussing important factors to consider in starting a family
-Discussing ways to strengthen emotional bond with your partner
-Understanding the role of sex and intimacy in the context of family life across the different phases of marriage
-Fitting your in-laws in your marriage
-Identifying ways to save your marriage if things get too hot to handle- Tips on sustaining your marriage.

Our course package includes free-flow refreshments and tea breaks!

Study materials are also provided.

Our CINTA ABADI marriage guidance course is supported by ROMM, MSF and MUIS.

Certificate will be given upon 100% completion of the course at the end of the second day.


Venue : 96 Waterloo Street, Singapore 187967

To hear what our participants think of the course, visit

Register for this course at:

Call us at 8173 8172 (Nora) or 3159 1105 (Rasimah) for enquiries.

Other dates available for Cinta Abadi 2-day course are

05 & 06 Aug 2017
09 & 10 Sep 2017
14 & 15 Oct 2017
04 & 05 Nov 2017
02 & 03 Dec 2017

Coach Rasimah Jar also offers a comprehensive 1-day Marriage Preparation Course called FOREVER LOVE. Find out the details at:


96 Waterloo Street, Singapore 187967

96 Waterloo Street, Singapore 187967



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