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Muslimah Alive! Camp 2017

[Event has ended]
Sat, 3 June 2017, 10.00 am (3rd June) to 01.30 pm (5th June) | English
To be confirmed
Beliawanis Muhammadiyah

ramadhan, camp, girls camp, istiqamah

Fees: $100

"Mommy! Where are we going this Juneee?"

"Where could we possibly go my dear? It's Ramadhan!"

"Hmmm, maybe I can go to a camp or something? Pretty pleeaasee?"

CALLING OUT to all parents who have a daughter, all brothers and sisters who have a sister, all uncles and aunties who have a niece! If your precious girl is 9 to 12 years of age, then yes this is definitely for THEM!

The long awaited Muslimah Alive! Camp is back in action and meeting you this June! Let's enjoy being ISTIQAMAH through fun-filled activities with us! Block the dates, pack your bags and off we go to MAC!

"A camp? During Ramadhan? Do you think you can do it?"

"Yes I can insyaAllah!"

"Well then, let's REGISTER NOW!"


This is Beliawanis Muhammadiyah's 14th year organising Muslimah Alive! Camp. With Istiqamah in mind, we hope to create an enjoyable experience for your daughters this Ramadhan, which will help them in making the most out of their June holiday, insyaAllah!

Lots of Love,
Beliawanis Muhammadiyah


3 June 2017
10:00 am (3rd June) to 01:30 pm (5th June)
@ Location TBC

Facebook Page: Muslimah Alive Camp
Registration Form:


Beliawanis Muhammadiyah


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