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Raising my Child: One literacy at a time

[Event has ended]
Sat, 8 April 2017, 3pm to 5pm | English
Singapore Counselling Centre
SG Ulatbuku

raising children, special needs, literacy, muslim, parent

Fees: $50 (Parent+Child duo) $65(Family)

This parent-child symposium serves as a platform for our muslim parents with young children to explore the concept of multi-literacy as an approach towards inculcating the love of reading in their. Factors such as cognitive development, social and home environment that may inhibit the child's reading and understanding will be discussed.


1. Parents will learn to detect learning deficits in their child from a young age

2. Parents will practice ways to overcome the learning issue faced by child ( for example to differentiate between b and d)

3. Parents will explore the various literacies that a child can develop


8 April 2017
3pm to 5pm
@ Singapore Counselling Centre, #03-03,
51 Cuppage Rd (behind Centrepoint Orchard)

Register through Instagram or Facebook

Tea-time refreshments will be provided. Sale of English and Malay books and reading resources

Arabic puzzles for learning the hijaiyyah letters will be sponsored by Tarbiyyah Toys for every child participant


Singapore Counselling Centre

51 Cuppage Road, #03-03, Singapore 229469 (behind Centrepoint Orchard)


SG Ulatbuku


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