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The Fourth Trimester by Blessed Ummi

[Event has ended]
Sun, 26 March 2017, 10am - 5pm | English
Blessed Ummi
Sis Nur Afifah Mokhtiaruddin, Fauziah bte Abbas, Hafizah bte Rafie, Ustazah Sharifah Nazeera Shaik Alwie, Suriati Abdullah

postpartum, parenting, mummy wellness, breastfeeding, babywearing, raising khalifahs, becoming parents

Fees: $80 & $120

Are you expecting a baby and want to learn more about life after baby's arrival?

The Fourth Trimester seminar is our effort to support parents who are expecting a baby or who have just had one. The challenges of having children do not stop at pregnancy and go beyond birth.

However, these challenges are not insurmountable. Come and hear what the experts have to say about preparing for the postpartum period and starting a family.

* Breastfeeding Essentials by Doula Hafizah Rafie
Learn how you can overcome common breastfeeding challenges and latch your baby correctly right after birth in this segment by Doula Hafizah. A breastfeeding counsellor and a postpartum doula (Childbirth International), Hafizah has been helping women with breastfeeding issues and is a volunteer with several breastfeeding support groups in Singapore.

* Mummy Wellness by Doula Fauziah Abbas
Learn how mummies can recuperate from childbirth with the right nutrition, coping mechanisms and aftercare she needs to recuperate from childbirth. As a birth and postpartum doula (Childbirth International), as well as trained in human nutrition, Doula Fauziah has been helping women at birth and during the postpartum period. She has also set up a community for new mothers to help them cope with postpartum challenges.

* Wear Your Baby by Nur Afifah Mokhtiaruddin
Everyone talks about the benefits of babywearing but what are the steps to take while doing so? Learn the right techniques of babywearing and how you can wear your baby safely right from birth. Find out what sort of babywearing tools and gears are suitable for you and your family to make the best choice in babywearing from Afifah, who is a certified babywearing consultant (Die Trageschule) and founder of local babywearing brand CareRing Sling.

* Raising a Khalifah by Ustazah Nazeerah S. Alwi
While it is natural for parents to worry about the physical aspects of childbirth and caring for a baby, it is also equally important to prepare to raise a God-conscious. What are the steps we can do to raise a good Muslim child? What spiritual aspects of a child should we prioritise and how do we make learning how to be a good Muslim age-appropriate? Learn the basic fundamentals of instilling God-consciousness in infants and young children effectively in this segment.

* Becoming Parents by Suriati Abdullah
Suriati Abdullah is no stranger to the world of family development and training. Learn how new parents can manage expectations of raising a family and the steps to take to avoid being overwhelmed by the challenges of adapting to parenting. A senior counsellor and Principal Consultant with Suchi Success Pte. Ltd., Suriati will share with us what to expect and how we can overcome the challenges of becoming new parents.

Don't miss this rare opportunity to have various experts and practical tips on overcoming postpartum and life after the arrival of your baby all in one sitting!


26 March 2017
10am - 5pm
@ An-Nahdhah Mosque MHP Level 3


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An-Nahdhah Mosque

9A Bishan Street 14, Singapore 579786


Blessed Ummi


Sis Nur Afifah Mokhtiaruddin, Fauziah bte Abbas, Hafizah bte Rafie, Ustazah Sharifah Nazeera Shaik Alwie, Suriati Abdullah


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