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29 Feb 2024 - 19 Syaaban 1445 Ishak 20:29 Subuh 5:57
29 Feb 2024 - 19 Syaaban 1445 | Subuh 5:57 | Syuruk 7:15 | Zuhur 13:19 | Asar 16:31 | Maghrib 19:20 | Ishak 20:29
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The Age of Apocalypse: Portents of the Hour

[Event has ended]
Sun, 26 March 2017, 2pm to 7pm | English
Ust Taufiq RNB, Ust Hidayat RNB


اُعَبَّاتَ و ْمِهِوبُلُ ق ٰىَلَ عُهَّ الل َعَبَ ط َينِذَّ ال َكِئَٰولُٔ ا ۚ اًفِنٓ ا َالَ ا ق َاذَ م َمْلِعْ وا ال ُوتُٔ ا َينِذَّلِ وا ل ُالَ ق َكِدْنِ ع ْنِ وا م ُجَرَ ا خ َذِٕ ا ٰىَّتَ ح َكْيَلِٕ ا ُعِمَتْسَ ي ْنَ م ْمُهْنِمَ و ١٦ ْمُهَاءَوْهَٔ

١٧ ْمُاهَوْقَ ت ْمُاهَتٓاَ ى و ًدُ ه ْمُهَادَ ا ز ْوَدَتْ اه َينِذَّالَو

١٨ ْمُاهَرْكِ ذ ْمُهْتَاءَ ا ج َذِٕ ا ْمُهَ ل ٰىَّنَٔاَ ف ۚ اَهُ اطَرْشَٔ اَاءَ ج ْدَقَ ف ۖ ًةَتْغَ ب ْمُهَيِتْٔاَ ت ْنَٔ اَةَاعَّ ا الس َّلِٕ ا َونُرُظْنَ ي ْلَهَف

١٩ ْمُ اكَوْثَمَ و ْمُكَبَّلَقَتُ مُمَلْعَ يُهَّ الل َ و ۗ ِ اتَنِمْؤُمْالَ و َينِنِمْؤُمْلِلَ و َكِبْنَذِ لْرِفْغَتْاسَ وُهَّ ا الل َّلِٕ اَهَٰلِٕ ا ا َ لُهَّنَٔ ا ْمَلْاعَف

“Some of them indeed listen to you but no sooner do they leave your presence than they ask those endowed with knowledge: "What was it that he said just now?" Such are the men upon whose hearts Allah has set a seal, and who follow their own desires.

As for those who follow the Right Way, Allah will increase their guidance and bestow on them their righteousness.

Are they waiting for the Hour of Doom to overtake them all of a sudden? Do they not know that its signs have already come and when it will actually overtake them, what chance will they have to benefit then by this admonition?
Therefore, you should know that there is no god but Allah; implore Him to forgive your sins and to forgive the believing men and believing women; for Allah knows your activities and your resting places.”

[Muhammad: 16-19]

The reality that is the end of time is an integral component of the Islamic belief and one of the key tenets of the pillars of Iman. Similarly, the Quran and Ahadith vividly highlighted the signs of the coming of time and belief in these imminent portents becomes a crucial part of the belief in the Last Hour.

Recently, there seems to be increased awareness and fascination with the signs end of the world. We see the manifestations of these signs in the age and era as numerous erudite scholars point out the features of the prophecies and create connections with current occurrences.

Insufficient and surface information creates a level of confusion amongst the ummah on how to properly react to these texts; are we already doomed and only wait for the hour? Should we find and point out who is Al-Mahdi? Are the occurrences in the western world signs of Dajjal? Are the conflicts in the Middle East indications that the end is near? What about black flags? We see and increase in natural disasters, is the end near? We are currently at that stage where any unprecedented incidents raise eyebrows and fatwas that the end is coming flourish. On the other hand, we find Muslims who are ignorant to theses incidents around them and to some, the end is far from coming.

As muslims and people of faith, this phenomenon raises a number of questions:
- Is it true that only Allah knows when is the end of time?
- Why does the Quran and the Hadith mention the signs of the Hour?
- Why do we need to believe in of the signs of the Hour?
- How does belief in these signs increase my Iman in Allah?
- What are the signs of the hour and what should we look out for?
- Are we required to create connections and to contextualize the signs to modern day occurrences? -
- And what should I do with this information?

This seminar aims to provide sufficient information and knowledge on the events unfolding, mainly the minor and major signs. The objective is also to share guidelines on how to deal with texts pertaining to the ends of times.


Part 1: The Importance to discuss the Signs of the Hour
Part 2: Guidelines in understanding and dealing with the Signs of the Hour
Part 3: Categories of the Signs of the Hour
Part 4: Minor Signs
- Categorisations
1. Time of occurrence
2. Completion of occurrence
3. Nature and theme of occurrence
- Leadership and finance
- Knowledge and ignorance
- Fiqh and adab
- Conquest and battles
- Historical Milestones and unexplained phenomenons
- Death, diseases and natural disasters

Part 5: Major Signs
- The smoke
- The Dajjal
- The Beast
- The rising of the sun from its place of setting
- The decent of ‘Isa
- Gog and Magog
- The 3 landslides
- The fire

Part 5: Conclusions and Summary


Date: Sunday 26th March 2017
Time: 2pm - 7pm
Venue: Mydin Mosque
67 Jln Lapang Singapore 419007

Course Fees:

Mobile 9881 8367
Email: [email protected]


Mydin Mosque

67 Jalan Lapang, Singapore 419007



Ust Taufiq RNB, Ust Hidayat RNB


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