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1 Dec 2022 - 6 JamadulAwal 1444 Ishak 20:10 Subuh 5:30
1 Dec 2022 - 6 JamadulAwal 1444 | Subuh 5:30 | Syuruk 6:53 | Zuhur 12:56 | Asar 16:19 | Maghrib 18:56 | Ishak 20:10
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Qur'anic Arabic

[Event has ended]
Sat, 4 February 2017, 2pm to 4pm | English
Abid Essalah

quran, arabic, quranic

Fees: $240

The course instructs students in understanding the Quran via the Arabic language. It attempts to help learn and read the Quran using the Arabic script and how this interaction effects a significant change in one's perception of the Quran. The course is not only suitable for beginners, but also provides a good taste for those who have some background of Arabic. This will be done via a close exploration of selected Surah and verses.

"It is imperative that every Muslim should strive to learn Arabic as hard as he can, so that he can testify the Shahadah, and recite the Book of Allah and say the invocations that are mandatory upon him, such as the takbeer, tasbeeh, tashahud and other prayers. And the more he learns the language that Allah Himself chose to be the language of him who sealed the Prophets (sallallaahu alaihi wa sallam), and to be the language of His final revelation, the better it is for him".

The quote by Imam Shafi describes and prescribes the importance of learning Arabic for every Mulsim. Even though the Holy Quran has been translated to many languages, scholars, translators, commentators and learners of Islamic studies do still refer back to the original Arabic Text to come to terms with its meanings. In fact, thanks to the widespread of Islam, the Arabic language has been widely disseminated over the globe. Nowadays Arabic is one of the most widely spoken, widely taught languages around the world.

Apart from being the first language of more than 300 million native speakers, stretching from the Gulf, Arab peninsula, through the middle East and North Africa, more than 1.5 billion Muslim use Arabic everyday as part of their religious duties, prayers, supplication, reading Quran.

SimplyIslam provides Singaporean Muslims with a good opportunity to have a strong foundation on learning and understanding Quranic Arabic.


Course Objective:
At the completion of the course, participants will be able to:
1- Identify and demonstrate a facility in differentiating between nouns and verbs
2- Understand basic vocabulary related to prayers and selected chapters of the Quran
3- Develop a clear understanding of basic grammatical phenomena.

Course Outline:

The course aims at equipping participants with a good understanding of and interaction with the Standard Arabic in a simple insightful way. Through a close reading of different short chapters and selected verses, such as: al-Fatihah, al-Kawthar, al-Asr, an-Nasr, ad-Dhuha, al-Qadr, al-Sharh, Al-Burooj, Ayatul kursi, beginning & ends of Surah al-Baqarah (verses 1- 5 & from 284-286), participants will gain insight into the beauty of the Arabic language. The course will be most helpful to all those who want to go further in or proceed to formal Arabic instruction.
The course will begin with an overview of the Arabic Alphabet. It will examine nouns, verbs and adjectives alongside prepositions, adjectives and adverbs.

1- The Alphabet: This first lesson covers the 28 letters of the Arabic Alphabet, their pronunciation, vocalization, and positions in the beginning, middle and the end of the word. All the words taught in this session are taken from different chapters of the Quran.
2- Parts of Speech: This lesson accounts for the parts of speech (Noun- Verbs - Particles) through a close reading of Surah Al-Fatihah and other verses. This will be conducted in two lessons.
3- Nouns: This lesson deals with the Nouns: Definite Vs Indefinite.
4- Particles: This lesson deals with different types of particles, prepositions, conjunctions and subordinate clauses. (Surah Al-Asr).
5- The Personal and attached pronouns (selection of different verses + understanding of attached pronouns to verbs and nouns. (Selected verses from different chapters)
6- The Demonstrative Pronouns: This lesson includes an explanation of the gender in the Arabic (feminine, masculine) alongside the dual and plural nouns.
7-Verbs: This lesson provides an introduction and overview to verb forms in the Quran. This will be shown via Surah Adhuha .
8- Tenses: This section discusses the different tenses related to the verbs. (Surah Al-kawther, Annasr, Al-Ikhlas)


Commencement Dates:
4 February 2017
15 July 2017

Time: Every Saturday, 2pm to 4pm
Lessons: 12 lessons
Teacher: Abid Essalah
Fee: $240 including book fees

Course Requirement
Familiarity with the Arabic alphabet, i.e. ability to read Quran. Participants completing this module may then pursue further Arabic Courses at SimplyIslam or other learning centres.

Abid Essalah is a language consultant and instructor of Arabic & French at As-Siddiq Center for Islamic Studies. He joined our institution in November 2012 as full time translator. He has a Bachelor of Arts in English Language & Literature. He has worked as a language teacher and translator in Tunisia from 2005 to 2012. He also received education in United Kingdom. He is currently conducting translation/interpretation projects with Singapore's Ministry of Home Affairs, and companies, and regularly translate official documents for individuals, corporates and agencies. He is a native speaker of Arabic and fluent in English and French.


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