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22 Jan 2017 - 23 RabiulAkhir 1438 Zuhur 13:18Asar 16:40
22 Jan 2017 - 23 RabiulAkhir 1438 | Subuh 5:54 | Syuruk 7:15 | Zuhur 13:18 | Asar 16:40 | Maghrib 19:19 | Ishak 20:32
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Arabic Course For Beginners (Batch #6)

Wed, 15 February 2017, 7.45 - 9.45 PM | Arabic
Peace Centre
Arabic Council
Mohd A. El Aziz

arabic course, arabic language

Fees: $275

​Learn How to Read, Write, Type and Converse in Arabic.

Know more about Arab and Islamic Culture.

Our previous students who have attended this course found it very helpful and Interesting.

​About The Course:
This course will help you in the following:
1- Arabic Alphabetic without & with vowels (Tashkeel تشكيل)
2- How to write & join the letters to make a word.
3- How to read and use the right word in the right way.
4- how to build a sentence, know Grammars and vocables.
5- The Greetings & how to converse in Arabic or introduce yourself.

Also we Cover:

- Introduction and History of the Arabic Language & why you should learn Arabic.
- Arabic culture and Traditions.
- How to Type Arabic & More...!


Time: 7.45 PM - 9.45 PM (Every Wednesday)
Location: Peace Center, 1 Sophia Road
Class Level: All Levels
​Language: English & Arabic
Average Class Size: 15
Books & Materials are included

10 Lessons x 2 hours per term Once a week.
Course Instruct by a native and trained Arabic specialist​​

Terms and Conditions:
1) Full Payments are to be made before Event starts.
2) No refunds for participants that fails to attend the Event. Ensure you can commit to the event timings.
3) Participants are to attend the event punctually and inform organisers early if they are late.
4) Organisers have the rights to make changes to schedule or cancel the event. Participants will be informed in advanced for changes.

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Batch #6 | Arabic Course For Beginners
14 Feb 2017SGD 275
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Peace Centre

1 Sophia Rd, 228149


Arabic Council


Mohd A. El Aziz


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