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Hadiths for Kids

[Event has ended]
Thu, 15 December 2016, 9.00am - 6.00pm | English
Safinah Training Centre
Safinah Institute

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Fees: $97

Al-Ghazali is quoted, saying that a child “is a trust (placed by Allah) in the hands of his parents, and his innocent heart is a precious element capable of taking impressions”.

When a child is born, he starts learning about life and everything around him. For Muslim children, Islam is not simply a belief, but a way of life.

As a community, we adults are tasked to fill the blank canvases of their hearts and minds, with the proper strokes of information and knowledge. Hence it is only right to introduce them to the best of beings - Rasulullah ﷺ - and his mannerisms, as a form of tarbiyah as they undergo a continuous and comprehensive process of developing all aspects their character and personality, i.e. spiritual, intellectual, moral, social and physical aspects.

Your children will:
- Understand the importance of hadith as an exegesis of the Qur'an
- Learn the etiquettes (adab) through Rasullulah's ﷺ sunnahs (hygiene, attire, relationships, daily habits)
- Strengthen their love for Allah and Rasulullah ﷺ
- Memorize zikirs and simple supplications as taught by Rasulullah ﷺ


Date: 15th December 2016, Thursday
Time: 9am - 6pm (Early drop off and Late pick up can be arranged)
Venue: Safinah Training Centre
Tickets: $97 per child | $87 for two or more children
(For kids aged 6-11 years old)

Send your kids for this full-day school holiday programme for a fun-filled day of learning & exploration! Sign up today at to secure your seats!


Safinah Training Centre

Safinah Training Centre, 1 Joo Chiat Road, Joo Chiat Complex, #05-1013


Safinah Institute


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