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Parenting IRL: Raising the Snapchat Generation

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Sat, 19 November 2016, 9am - 2pm | English
Suntec City Convention Center
Rilla Melati Bahri (Mini Monsters Ltd), Galvin Sng (Touch Cyberwellness), Ustaz Dr Nazirudin Nasir (Office of Mufti), Ustzh Farah Aljunied (Youth & Community Education)

Fees: $15 per pax or $25 per couple

IRL is an internet lingo referring to “In Real Life”. In PARENTING IRL, we aim to enlighten parents on the challenges posed by technology and social media. Children today are fast becoming social media natives, where various aspects of their life involve interactions with social media platforms and prevalent use of technology. Electronic devices that connect them to the Internet are widely used today. Some children start using technology as young as in their infancy.

This seminar will discuss on how parents can play pro-active roles in directing their children to the correct usage of social media and technology. The issues that will be addressed by the speakers will touch on the following key points:

(a) Guide for parents to use media as a tool to enhance learning
(b) Empower parents to guide children to use media safely
(c) Being cautious of religious extremism online

Join our speakers – Ms Rilla Melati Bahri (Mini Monsters Ltd), Mr Galvin Sng (Touch Cyberwellness), Ustazah Farah Aljunied (Youth & Community Education Unit, Muis) and our keynote speaker Ustaz Dr Nazirudin Nasir (Office of Mufti) as they discuss how parents can utilise social media and technology in the upbringing of children and identity challenges and how to address it . The seminar will be moderated by Mr Riz Sunawan.


Topic 1: Fact or Fiction? Authenticating Online Islamic Content
The World Wide Web gives us the freedom to write, edit, read and share all kinds of information online. Knowledge can be easily spread within a click of a mouse. However knowledge has to do with authority and authority has to do with knowledge. Access to a plethora of religious views and ideologies online may expose parents and children with various harmful ideologies. Therefore there is a need to critically assess online Islamic content and authenticate it with relevant religious authority as not all religious content online may be suitable for the context of multi-religious, secular Singapore society.

In this session, Ustazah Farah will help parents understand ways how sources can be authenticated and how do we cultivate a critical mindset for our children.

Topic 2: iLearn: Using Tech to Sustain Children's Interest to Learn
The usage of digital media and technology is not uncommon among children today. A study has shown that children between the ages of 2-5 possesses significantly more technology skills (like switch a computer on and off or play a basic computer game) than life skills (like tying their own shoelace or writing their names)

In this session, Rilla will share on how can parents maximise the children's time using technology into teachable and learning moments for our children and how can we sustain their interest to learning using technology
in this present day and age where they are exposed to so many options.

She will give guides for parents on how to cultivate the love of learning in their children using innovative educational resources like learning apps, ebooks, educational games and many more.

Topic 3: 24/7 Screen time: Managing Your Children's Addiction to the Digital World
In this session, our cyberwellness coach, Galvin, will share on definition, symptoms, habits of social media, pornography and gaming addiction among our youth and children.
How do we detect early signs of these addiction? How can parents play a more pro-active role in curbing their children from addiction to social media, pornography and gaming?
He will share with us the dangers posed by social media addiction to the youth and children and harnessing ethical use of social media.

Keynote Presentation: Social Media: Uncharted Terrain For Parenting
Social media brings prospects for the future of faith in today's globalised world. The popularity of social media offers extended platforms to religious learning beyond the mosques and madrasahs. Recent events have also indicated that social media has been exploited by certain extremist groups in grooming and influencing individual to become self-radicalized. This is one of the emerging challenges facing the Muslim community. Therefore there is a need to promote for critical use of the social media as the open nature of the virtual world also allows for the spread of competing and harmful ideologies. As parents, we need to be able to know what are the sources and references that our children have access to and to reap the opportunities of the social media and think of ways how the threats poses by social media can be effectively contained.

Dr Nazirudin will share on why as parents, we need to be able to know what are the information that our children have access to online and promote for critical use of the social media by thinking of ways how the threats poses by social media can be effectively contained.


Parenting IRL: Raising the Snapchat Generation
Date: 19 Nov 2016
Time: 9am to 2pm
Venue: Suntec Singapore
Ticket Fees: $15 or $25 per couple.

This event is organised by MUIS


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Suntec City Convention Center

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Rilla Melati Bahri (Mini Monsters Ltd), Galvin Sng (Touch Cyberwellness), Ustaz Dr Nazirudin Nasir (Office of Mufti), Ustzh Farah Aljunied (Youth & Community Education)


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