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Young Muslimah - Walking on Broken Glass

[Event has ended]
Sun, 6 November 2016, 2pm to 6pm | English
Al-Qudwah Academy
iQuest Knowledge

relationship, communication

Fees: $55 (Mum + 1 daughter combo), S30/pax

How was your day? ..... Fine
Who are you texting? ..... No one
What were you talking to your friends about? .... Nothing
(as your teenage daughter shuts the door to her room)

- Do you find it increasingly challenging to talk with your teenage daughter nowadays?
- Do you feel that there is a "firewall" between you and your teenage daughter whenever you both had a conversation or discussion?
- Do you feel jealous that your teen daughters can chat and laugh so well with their friends and not you?
- Do you feel alienated or slighted that your teen daughter prefers to talk with their friends, siblings or even father about their daily goings-on or life?

- Do you know that even YOUR DAUGHTER might be feeling the same frustration as you?

Your RELATIONSHIP with your daughter is TOO PRECIOUS to be walking on glass around each other.

All it takes is to learn the ART OF EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION to reconnect with each other.


Join us,
Date : 6 Nov 2016
Venue : Al Qudwah Academy (Pahang Street)
Time : 2pm to 6pm
Age group : Mum & daughters (11yrs to 16yrs old)
Speakers : Mdm Rasimah Jar & Ustazah Shameem Sultanah
Tickets : $55 (Mum+1 daughter combo)
$75 (Mum + 2 daughter combo)

REGISTER NOW via Facebook (waheedah salim) or Whatsapp(96779486).
Our event can also be found on the fb page A Mother's Quest.


Al-Qudwah Academy

5A Pahang Street Singapore 198606


iQuest Knowledge


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