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Motivational, Study Skills & Effective Time Management (Upper Secondary)

[Event has ended]
Sat, 1 October 2016, 3pm - 6pm | English
IslamicEvents.SG Training Room
Ustazah Nazeerah Shaik Alwie, Sister Rozi Faith Naser

Fees: $48

> Are your children able to make well-informed choices?
> Are your children able to respond to the changes in their lives well?
> Are they ready to make decisions regarding their studies and life?
> Do they know what to do when faced with uncertainties?

These are some essence of the government's initiatives in Skills Future.

As concerned parents, we want to help our children to be resilient and to be well-prepared in matters pertaining to duniawi and ukhrawi. We all wish for our children to grow up being well-balanced Muslims.


A skills-future series of workshops, this is the inaugural for three different levels. Sign up your child for the appropriate session according to their levels.

The aim of this workshop is to equip the young and youths with the right skills and tools to be effective learners as young Muslims who have to cope with duniawi and ukhrawi.

Hands on exercises and activities will enable attendees to bring home the following:
1. A set of motivational values that would be created by the attendees themselves
2. A list of steps that would help attendees to study more effectively and in a disciplined manner
3. A personally-customised effective timetable that would compliment items 1 & 2 above.

Ustazah Nazeerah will be sharing on how balance can be attained while trying to equip ourselves with knowledge of duniawi and ukhrawi, as well as how to be the best servants of Allah swt. She will also be sharing good du'as for us to get through our years of education.


Date : 1 Oct 2016
Time : 3pm - 6pm
Ticket : $48
Venue : IslamicEvents.SG Training Room

Speaker & Facilitator : Sister Rozi Faith Naser
Asatizah : Ustazah Nazeerah Shaik Alwie

Terms and Conditions:
1) Full Payments are to be made before Course starts.
2) No refunds for participants that fails to attend the Course. Ensure you can commit to the course timings.
3) Participants will be given Notes.
4) Participants are to attend the course punctually and inform organisers early if they are late.
5) Organisers have the rights to make changes to schedule or cancel the course. Participants will be informed in advanced for changes.

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IslamicEvents.SG Training Room

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Sister Rozi Faith Naser
Ustazah Nazeerah Shaik Alwie

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